Do the GB really BELIEVE??

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I believe that most dubs remain because of the investment they have made to the "truth".

    As soon as men become a MS or an elder they have bought in and can no longer express any doubts felt. Then promotion through full time "service" means an increase in authority over those below and control by those above. Even at CO level every talk and meeting is closely controlled. Only the official line is allowed, the talks are uniform whoever the speaker is.

    The higher you rise, the more careful your conformity to the party line has to be. Don't think though that these people though are unaware of the issues and arguments explored in sites like this. They are however intelligent people and must struggle with some of the issues as do others.

    What then when they suddenly find a famous white WT envelope on the mat inviting them to become a GB member? Imagine the dilemma, those unanswered questions, the creaking of the structure. Now its your job to hold the whole thing together. You still can't express doubts, you have to bury them deeper than ever or it's hero to zero.

    So do they really believe or are they the same as us all but with more to lose?

  • anglise

    Hi SF

    often wondered about this one.

    Maybe a small % do but I would think that as you say many have invested too much time/life/effort to be able to step back and honestly evaluate the teachings.

    You can also factor in family ties that will have accrued over the years ie children now married to the 'mob', and maybe grandchildren. All of these effectively being held in ransom due to their lack of years and experience of the WTBTS lies and tactics.

    It would take a VERY brave person to try and extricate themselves and their familiy having reached so far into the inner circle and workings of JW land.

    I am sure that there are many who would like to try but who are all to aware of the potential cost.

    Those of us who have managed to exit from lower down the ladder know the problems and heartache involved.


  • wobble

    They are "Captives of a Concept" and probably most believed almost 100% when they joined the GB, but like Ray Franz' experience, when they see the workings up close, things may unravel for them.

    Even so it takes an honest, upright person, with great strength of mind and character, like dear Ray, to step away from the privilege, power, prestige and almost rock-star lifestyle of a GB member, and then, to use one of their hackneyed phrases "where would they go" ?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Most of these guys spent a large proportion of their lives in an insular, hot house, self-reinforcing environment with limited to nil first-hand interaction with people on the outside, including regular JWs, and much less with non JWs. All this inhibits, if not totally blocks out, a realistic view of the world.

  • cantleave

    I can't see how someone in their position can still believe. Even as an elder I could see the their was no direction by HS and that we were implementing a human construct by means of policies and directives.

    As has been suggested the GB members will continue to prop up the deciet and lies because they know if they don't, they will end up with nothing.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I only have anecdotal evidence: I knew too many hardcore JW's with their minds closed to the idea that it might not be "the truth."
    GB members could very well be some of the masters of keeping their minds closed to outside thoughts and, as mentioned, it would take honesty with great strength of mind and character to step away from it.

  • dmouse

    The Governing Body are the ONLY people in the religion who can alter doctrine when things don't go according to plan (i.e. the ever elusive 'End')

    They HAVE to be able to think the 'unthinkable' in order to be able to put a spin on things to keep their power base from slipping away.

    To do this as cynically as they do, I tend to believe they are as clued up as we are that the whole thing is hokum.

    They are the ultimate con-artists.

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    I'm with cantleave & dmouse

    There's no way IMO with the amount of correspondence they get about the BS they spout can they not know they are the WIZARD OF OZ.

  • PSacramento

    They believe as much or as little as anyoen else in their position in any religious organization, like the inner circle of Cardinals and the Pope for example.

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    I remember Bro.Knorr saying that He was not so sure about 1914 and some others on the Governing Body thought that 1957 or so, when sputnik was launched by the russians that it was the beginning of the end not 1914. However, it took a two-thirds vote to get 1957 as the start of end times, and they did not get it. So, 1914 stuck whether they had doubts or not.

    God's organization! Yeah sure they are. They can't even admit that 1914 and any other date is going against Jesus' own words not to try and find out the end times. "It does not belong to you" so, they don't even listen to thier master.

    Blind guides is what they are. They don't believe it.

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