Is this how all door knocking is now?

by jamesmahon 34 Replies latest jw experiences

  • littlebird

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The witnesses just came to more door, and you know what? My mind went blank, and I couldn't remember a thing you said. I just said, "ya know, Im disfellowshipped so Im good, thank you" the sister clenced her mouth and the brother said "have a nice day"

    I must need more coffee.

  • nelly136

    lil, wait for the second knock and it'll be an elder asking you if you want to go back

  • laverite

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing job!!!!!!!

  • ziddina

    JamesMation said,

    "I cannot believe they are getting any new converts if they are all as good as him. ..."

    Well, I suspect that the new converts will be "as good as him"... Since that's the sort that they're sending 'door-to-door' nowadays...

    Which adds to the downward spiral of the Watchtower Society...

    We at the local ex-JW meetup were discussing this; how the Watchtower Society has COMPLETELY 'dropped the ball' on obtaining converts with cash - by discouraging and demonizing college, and the Mormon church has aced its financial future by ENCOURAGING college educations - and providing a college FOR its followers, in contrast to the short-sightedness of the Watchtower Society...

    I probably won't live to see the final dissipation of the Watchtower Society, but I'll bet that - barring a new direction on its Gov.Bod with an intelligent management of its social and "theocratic" edicts - the Watchtower will be tottering on its last legs within 30 years...

    After all, Rome didn't fall in a day, either...


  • Jim_TX

    Well done, James.

    I know that I ain't got what it takes to spar with these folks. I have already been 'knocked' by Mormons, and I pretty much blew them off. I ain't tactful.


    Jim TX

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