Hearing the Voice of God or His Messenger

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  • palmtree67
    Instead of simply offering an idea as something that you thought up its far more impressive to claim that god has gifted you with a message or a vision.

    Yes. A certain poster here claimed to have received a revelation from the Lord regarding marriage and posted how it was "revealed" to them that the marriage bond isn't about the ceremony, it's about the sexual act. So people who lived together would be considered by God as "married". It was presented as a "revelation" and many here (including myself at the time) were blown away by the "revelation".

    Well, I just finished reading "The Screwtape Letters" by C S Lewis, written in 1942 and guess what? That very same view is expressed in that book.

    I don't know.....maybe C S Lewis was a "chosen one" as well. But if the info was revealed to him in a vision, he used it very differently.

  • sizemik
    the marriage bond isn't about the ceremony, it's about the sexual act.

    OK . . . so if my dick dries up and falls off . . . I should consider my self divorced. (and probably will be according to Sizewife)

  • NewChapter


    THAT is interesting, and something I haven't really thought about in relation to hearing these voices and visions and such. I have a very good friend, from childhood, who was diagnosed with dissociative disorder. She started (started?---maybe finally admitted) hearing voices. But because her personality had become so fragmented, they felt external to her, but it was just her. She also had an alternative life within her brain. It was an entire world of meadows, woods, rainbows and a solid wall. Behind that wall was where she kept things--memories---pieces of herself---that couldn't function.

    We had an up and down friendship. There were times I really didn't like her, because she seemed to be a different person---little did I know.

    She also came across as a liar, because she would say she had night blindness, but I KNEW she always drove at night. Or she would tell me about this horrible thing someone did to her, something dangerous, and she would be terrified of this person. But the next day ask if I wanted to go to their house, and they were the best of friends. WHAT? Then it all came out. Sometimes she DID have night blindness. Sometimes bad things happened, but she didn't always remember. As I started to understand her and recognize when she switched, I picked up on other things. Once, she had this bad cold, and was quite loud about it. Coughing, sneezing, disgusting. But then her posture changed and her facial expressions. She also got quieter with her cold, and started sniffing softly every now and then and muffling coughs. I asked her how her cold was, and she said she wasn't feeling very good. Much softer.

    Other than her alternative world, she would 'see' other things. When the other 'personalities' would get a bit more access, they would remember things that would intrude on her---even take over. It was very real to her, the memories, and she couldn't distinguish reality from the memories. Some of these fractured parts of her brain were very creative and even came up with false things.

    Now I have to think on this for a while, Satanus. Perhaps I will even give that friend a call. She is doing better today, but the tendency is still there. One thing I remember very well, and what nearly trashed our friendship because I didn't understand, is she had severe personality changes. Sometimes she was so wonderful, kind, loving, fun, funny---and others she was hostile or bizarre. Interestingly, kind loving friend never had any memory of what hostile, bizarre friend was doing---until later. She became aware, but not always in control, so she simply had to deal with what she did, control or not---because it was all her---even if part of her did not agree with the course of action.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Why would hearing voices from another reality be strange or unacceptable..?

    Why close the door on a possibility?..

    Because....when you leave the door wide open to every possibility....you are at risk of this.

  • Satanus

    NC, remember one thing though, it takes a professional psychiatrist to help a person like that. Unless you are, then we aren't qualified to help them. It's good that she/they have a friend like you, though.


  • ziddina

    Wow, interesting case, New Chapter....

    As Satanus said, it really takes a professional - though I would assume that she's under some sort of professional care?

  • NewChapter

    NC, remember one thing though, it takes a professional psychiatrist to help a person like that. Unless you are, then we aren't qualified to help them. It's good that she/they have a friend like you, though.

    Oh, of course. I was just connecting things in my head. Interestingly, a couple of her therapists have asked me to come and sit in on sessions. They felt I had a pretty profound impact on her life, and I was the one that could soothe the wild personalities, so they wanted to meet me. It's not something that I would ever try to diagnos or treat---but it's just interesting to think about. In the vast array of experiences that people have, this is just another element to the entire mix.

  • sizemik

    Many years ago I attended one hall where a mid-aged student had MPD . . . she had been severely sexually abused by her father . . . awful stuff. My wife and I drew close to them for support . . . but it was tough going at times. Her husband was one of the most patient, gentle, and loving men I've ever met. A real man, who could carry a heavy load in silence.

    She had 11 identifiable personalities both male and female . . . one, (I kid you not) was a dog. Such was the depravity. At times she would whine and whimper. It was one of the saddest manifestations of psychological damage I've seen. She suffered horrible seizures as well. Very extreme case.

    Occasionally, meetings would be interupted as she would call down evil on some poor Elder or MS for misrepresenting her Lord. The alter on these occasions, was an evangelical preacher (male). She (he) would quote scriptures the rest of us had hardly ever heard of and explain them "according to the explanation she had been given" . . . some of it was very sophisticated and involved. She had a few scratching thier heads about where all this was coming from . . . but she had a forceful and lengthy answer for everything. She told me her 'alters' frequently argued and fought with each other in her head.

    Several years of intensive therapy actually worked . . . ALL of the alters disappeared, and her authentic personality began to emerge. She still knew her Bible inside out and backwards . . . but gently accepted "the truth"

    A milder case with just one 'alter' involved . . . could manifest itself with much more subtlety, and remain undiagnosed.

  • elderelite

    I find some of my best conversations are with myself.

    But i also KNOW they are with myself :)

  • NewChapter

    Size, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. My friend told me she also had Disassociative Visions---which she said were brought on when she wanted something very badly, it would become real. I guess that can be a symptom too---if you want it badly enough.

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