Tired JWs

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  • minimus

    That's all I see now. No vim and vigor, just tired.

  • JWoods

    Sort of like the Democrats, prior to the midterm election?

  • Gayle

    Boredom is exhausting!

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I don't see any JWs at all. They are out of my life.

  • undercover

    Is apathy contagious?

    We've talked about how the R&F seem to be losing that sense of urgency that was always embedded in former generations of dubs. No matter how the WTS seems to spin the imminence of Armageddon, most don't seem to be biting on the lure anymore.

    Even older, retired dubs are wakening to the realization that their days are numbered and they don't really have the fire they used to. They're going through the motions but the intensity is gone.

  • minimus

    They just go along in their little world and hope for the new system to happen. They simply exist.

  • slimboyfat
    That's all I see now. No vim and vigor, just tired.

    Not me, I'm vivacious and efficacious.

  • NowAndThen

    You can't attend that number of meetings and go out that much in field service and do all the family study and personal study and prayer and meditation and circuit assembly and district assembly and special day assembly and talks and demonstrations, and not feel tired.

    You can't be browbeaten at every meeting and told you are no good and only exist because of God's loving kindness and that Christ didn't die for you but the Little Flock and you must contribute to the Worldwide work with your "first fruits" and the "fat of the flock" and flee the Internet and worldly company, and not feel tired.

    You cannot have your thoughts screened every second and your actions judged every minute and told you are a condemned sinner in search of redemption and an inch from God's fiery judgment in soon-to-come Harmageddon, and not feel tired.

    You cannot wait for so long to see the promise, give so many talks on the promise, live in hope of the promise, age without the promise and are near death not knowing what was promised, and not feel tired.

    You cannot belong to the most happy people on earth, and not feel tired.

  • blondie

    I would think that being really tired could be used as an excuse to miss meetings.

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    They are going through the motions. There is no more Joy, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Why is that missing? It's a sorry state of affairs. The tired ones are 'captives' like a Lion or Tiger roaming from side to side in the cage in the zoo, going nowhere and looking forlorned.

    I remember the feeling.

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