How would the diehard witnesses view this ?

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  • man in black
    man in black

    This video was sent to me earlier today, and it really hit a nerve with me,,,,, I just couldn't stop applying it to the witness belief of DF and DA.

    I've known quite a few witness parents over the years who just left their kids "on the roadside" because they no longer

    wanted to be a part of this religion.

    Why is it that genuine human reaction/emotion is dropped when children no longer want to be a jw ?

    This father seems to be quite a guy, notice how he yells at the security/medical person near the end no doubt to leave his son alone !

  • etna

    M I B,

    How can this cult have so much power over people?????? I was born into it in 1960 and when my daughter was dfs about 5-6years ago I stopped going, (saw all the hypocricy more than ever before). When she got re-instated she was very distant towards me, not speaking to me even for about a year, (because of he husband). We were very close and it breaks my heart, we talk, but not like before. How can a religon or rather cult hvae so much power, that it tears a family apart????????? I would always defend it. but now I will speak my mind and the truth........,.


  • dssynergy

    wow - I'm not a sap, but that was intense. whew!

  • seenitall

    They would say, "This is what we do for the beatup people of this old system, directing them to the only hope, God's organization". Leaving family behind and gaining a new spiritual family, who are better than any old fleshly, worldly family! These are my true friends. But wait, if they get in trouble or leave the org, then I can drop them, hate them and forget them. Hot and cold! Turn it on and then in a matter of seconds change.
    Although, I have heard a prominent elder say in a public talk that noone can judge him on how he treats his family - worldly or otherwise - even saying, "Blood is thicker than water"!

  • wasblind
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I guess that's great. I don't think I would have moved that injured leg and made it worse if it were me. Symbolism is important for some more than others.

  • nelly136

    wow - I'm not a sap, but that was intense. x2

  • nelly136

    sorry didnt answer what a jw would think of it forgot the question when i watched it

  • cantleave

    God has never helped me in such a way!

  • pirata

    Diehard witness view: *sigh* If my son had listened to Jehovah he would not have entered competitive, nationalistic sports and ended up tearing his hamstring. He is reaping what he is sowing.

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