How would the diehard witnesses view this ?

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  • cattails

    This video is now making the rounds in JW circles on Facebook.
  • exwhyzee

    A die hard Witness, referring to this in a Sunday talk, would bring up how hard the runner's father had been on his son since childhood, bringing him up in the necessary strict dicipline and training that at the time seemed harsh but in the end got him to his goal... the Olympics.

    Then he would say Jehovah is like that with us. He diciplines us harshly at times and through his faithful and discrete slave he trains us to reach our goal in the race for life. But because the runner's father helped him over the finish line...he was disqualified and all his efforts were for nothing. If family members help the runners in the race for life, who stumble and are diciplined, they could be contributing to the disqualification of their loved ones and endangering themselves of being disqualified as well.

    Then afterward, all the old sisters would be saying to eachother , "wasn't that a fine point". But all the "thinking persons" would be wondering how the society managed to skew another non related event and turn it into an example of how worthless we are without being roughed up by God now and then. (But naturally they'd keep it to themselves)

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