How would the diehard witnesses view this ?

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  • blondie

    jws in general focus everything they do on whether they will live forever in paradise on earth in perfect health and happiness.

    They are not going to let anyone get in their way of getting that, whether it be a child, a parent, a sibling, or a best friend.

  • steve2

    I saturated perhaps 2 handkerchiefs and then briskly composed myself.

    even so, it's a compelling case for going the whole distance. It strongly capturied the motivating power of human emotion. Linking it to "God" at the end though cheapens it. Isn't human emotion sufficient without adding a religious sting?

    Moreover, the main message was a father coming forward to help his injured son finish the race, right? JWs could say they'll do all they can to help their sons and daughters finish the race - which is quite different from treating their sons and daughters differently when(from the parents point of view) they wilfully abandon the race. Emotion is fine - it's just not the complete story.

  • Hadit

    Whew - that certainly was intense and cry I did! I cried for all the children whose parents abandoned them for this religion. I wonder how different this story would have been had the father been an active witness and the son disfellowshipped or an apostate. Would the father have helped his son? Would the father even have attended the event?

    I'm not sure the diehard witnesses would get this. The WTS is trying to kill any semblance of family bonding and love that people have.

  • slimboyfat
    Although, I have heard a prominent elder say in a public talk that noone can judge him on how he treats his family - worldly or otherwise - even saying, "Blood is thicker than water"!

    I like the rare occasions when Witnesses cut the crap and are real like that.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Linking it to "God" at the end though cheapens it.

    That is exactly what I thought. The video would have been MUCH better without the preaching. Why do religions have to ruin everything?

  • dandingus
    wow - I'm not a sap, but that was intense.


    Beautiful video, man in black.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Great video, but I see some opportunist has taken their admirable human attributes and applied them to a god.

  • seenitall

    Self-righteous elder will use this storyline in a public talk about finishing the race even if you are crawling on 1 leg. We are here to help you brothers & sisters, just ask for the help! Yah, right!

  • cattails
    Wow! I needed a good cry! That was an awesome vid.
    It's a real lesson on being a parent to one's children!
  • sabastious

    Inspirational story, but the shameless "God plug" irks the hell out of me.


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