"Come Be My Follower" - Christendom is bad for sponsoring charities and feeding the poor - what?

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  • tec

    GL - good point also.

    You guys are on the ball tonight. I am sooooo not :)


  • agonus

    The thing is, in dubland, anything that takes a moment away from Field Service Time TM is a waste of time, so, no, you can't do both. See "Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life" for detailed example.

  • agonus

    Funny that, Tammy. At this hour most people would be delirious from lack of sleep. I dunno. Maybe in my case delirium breeds creativity. ;)

  • StAnn

    I had a couple of Dubs at my door two Saturdays ago. They kept commenting on my statue of the Virgin Mary in my flower bed (I call her "Our Lady of the Weeds", if that gives you any clue as to how well my flowers are doing in this heat!). They asked if I read the Bible and were surprised that I said yes and that I indicated I had several Bibles in the house. Then they said how "nice" it was that the Church was allowing Catholics to read the Bible more these days. I just smiled at that. Then they asked me something about what I would read in the Bible. I explained to them that the Church has the Bible readings divided up so that you read a verse from the Old Testament, a Psalm, and at least one New Testament reading every day. Also, we read a Proverb every day at the dinner table. They were surprised by that, saying that most people don't even know about the Old Testament, let alone read it! I told them that Jesus quoted from the Bible and, for Him, that was the Old Testament. Since Jesus had the Jewish Bible by memory and quoted from it often, we Catholics value those Old Testament scriptures greatly.

    Now, all of this they received with a bit of a puzzled look in their eyes. But I also told them that we Catholics were trying to apply Jesus' commandment to preach his word by having Mass with scripture readings daily all over the world; by feeding the poor with soup kitchens and food pantries; and taking care of the poor and the orphans with orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

    They just responded that I might like their magazines, gave me an invite to their DC, and left. They seemed a little bit confused, like they didn't know what to say. I took the mags but they didn't ask for a donation and I didn't offer one.

    I hate to say it but when I saw them on my porch, I just couldn't be mean to them. I felt so sad and so sorry for them just looking at them, standing there spouting ignorant suppositions about the Church. So I tried to be nice and explain a few things to them.

    It was really a rather pathetic experience and I've been surprised that they haven't returned.

    My point in this story is that I pointed out to them that, not only do we do charitable works, we also do the worldwide preaching work! That would be their fallback, that we may take care of the physical needs but not the spiritual. I thought that they needed to know we had daily Mass available and did daily Bible readings as well as charity work.

    I think that next time they come back I should point them to EWTN, the Catholic cable television channel. That channel is doing evangelization all over the world and is not being troubled with "not at homes" since pretty much every one who has a TV can get the channel via satellite. Also, it's on 24 hours a day, so it can evangelize whenever someone feels a need to be inspired. I'll have to invite them in, show them the EWTN channel, mention the BYU channel, and ask them what their TV channel is called!

    Oh, and if JWs ever tell you that Catholics don't go door to door, tell them they are wrong. The door to door Catholics belong to a group called Legion of Mary.

  • Lozhasleft

    Its made me so angry reading this - they are so BLIND that they cant see the 'sickly and miserable' in their own congregations all over the world ! Or maybe they just really dont care, which I really believe, but the local elders and the r&f can see them clearly - surely????

    Loz x

  • truthsetsonefree

    What a bunch of confused idiots (the dub book writers that is).

    Isaac Carmignani

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And they have the nerve to register as a charity in the U.K

    scumbags is what they are


  • acolytes

    Bonnie and Clyde

    I read your post and thought you made that story up.

    You post has helped me understand why my fiendly greetings to my former friends are met with contempt.


  • designs

    When the Witnesses stop by your home next time and talk on and on about the Paradise Earth ask them to join you for the next Community Cleanup Program...........

  • debator

    They are pointing out the obviousness of Christendom dropping of our main tasks as christians which is to take care of the flock, to preach, to teach, feed, rebuke, to take care of God's People. Making the whole message about random acts of charity to anyone however worthy is simply not doing all that is assigned for us as Christians to do.

    StAnn saying a few scriptures in the churches themselves requiring people to come to the church to hear is not preaching work. Jesus showed us physically how to do the preaching work and it means going personally to the people not expecting them to come to you. Paul travelled thousands of miles under inspiration of this command.

    Terry are you making a case that charity giving is enough, by bible and God's requirements?

    How important do you rate going from door to door and preaching God's message of salvation to people?

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