Generation teaching - conversation I just had with my dad.

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I got my Dubbies to defend their old light before they picked up their new noo lite at the magazine counter.

    None seem to be interested in discussing the noo lite yet.

    My wife is away at the DC this weekend. I guarantee she will not want to discuss the noo lite with me when she gets back. She has a better grasp of English grammar than I do and I have already thrown down the gauntlet and challenged her to find me an explanation that I can use at the door without looking like a right plonker.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    flipper -yes that's exactly it. My dad's whole thing is the hope of everlasting life. He has always had problems with the witnesses. Even as a little boy he had so many doubts. I was shocked when he was taken in by the explanation of the generation. I totally agree with you on showing unconditional love. So far it's saved my closest family relationships.

    no apologies - LOL. I know you're being serious ... but your sarcasm's funny.

    mamochan - You're right. It is very hard and in some cases next to impossible to explain WT "understanding" without their paraphernalia.

    ms - with my family that's a big thing. The borg has been wrong before and is still here, so just keep serving Jehovah.

    blacksheep - that's a good idea, to have them provide you with an explanation that you can use.... lol

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