I've never understood why people would choose to have kids

by gubberningbody 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • cyberjesus

    neither do them.

    Although the question is not how do you feel about having kids but why would you choose to have them.

  • mrsjones5

    Just the other night I was thinking about how much I enjoy being with my kids. I loved it when they were babies and now I like watching them become adults. They're so funny. We're been through some hard hard times but my kids are troopers and survivors and they're so much stronger than I thought they would be.

    I had kids because I wanted to (and it was fun making them - the labor, not so much).

  • Terry

    People sometimes have a crying need for funds. They find that the credit card companies are willing to extend credit to them.

    Their immediate need is satisfied.......however....

    the contract for interest binds them with a responsibility which might well keep them deep (or deeper) in debt ever after.

    An honest person struggles with their debt and gradually pays it down discharging their responsibility. Sometimes the burden is impossible to meet

    and bankruptcy is incurred.

    What has this got to do with children?

    Substitute the word "sex" for funds and "children" for interest burden.

    The nature of the human species is that we have a practically insuperable sexual appetite (debt).

    It leads to children.

    Children, unlike debt, create an alternate source of wealth. Under the right investment conditions children can become marvellous companions, a source of comfort, joy and the embodiment of our virtues and ambitions. Or...a total loss.

    Great parents can produce terrible children.

    Awful parents can produce wonderful children.

    It is a crapshoot.

    I have 7 kids. The have been an enormous pleasure in my life. They are the very best thing in my life. If I die today I am satisfied the world is a better place simply because they exist.

    Your mileage may vary.

  • cyberjesus

    in that case I have been funded a lot, and I love it. and only have 2 loans to pay

  • Balsam

    I was late having kids in fact 32 and my son came as a complete surprise as my then husband and I thought we couldn't have kids. Then so he wouldn't be alone we had another child and then I thought I'm going to be an old lady raising kids and that was it. Only I screwed up and became pregnant again with my 3rd son at 36. I hate that the pleasures of sex has anything with having kids. LOL I think it is a joke gone bad. Have any of you ever seen SUPERNANNY on style channel? Those kids on there a little monsters for sure but a firm way of JoJo seems to turn the parents and the kids around.

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