I've never understood why people would choose to have kids

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  • yknot

    and it is uber fun to dress them up too for pictures that will be embarassing when they are teens and young adults!

  • Terry

    I am the father of seven (count em) seven!

    They are the greatest thing ever.

    It is better than being a billionaire. I can't imagine a life more infertile and empty than one without my kids.

    But--every person needs to decide for themselves.

    Nothing worse than becoming a parent if you don't want to be one.

    So, kudos to you for making a choice in line with your deepest self-knowledge.

    But, don't rule out changing your mind. We do change our attitudes as we go through life.

  • SixofNine

    I think your subtle wit has gone :whoosh:, gubberning.

  • gubberningbody

    Well six, some things are like dog-whistles.

    And everyone gets to decide what that means too.

  • jwfacts

    I have often thought the same. Life is filled with problems and oh so short. But having a child is by far the greatest thing in the world and nothing compares with my 2.5 year old giving me a hug and saying "I love you daddy".

  • GLTirebiter

    Having children is an act of faith in the future, their future and humanity's future. Certainly this is an imperfect world, they will experience pain and heartache, they will have challenges to deal with, indeed they have already learned from those experiences. I have confidence they can face these challenges and find their way in the world. They won't have an idyllic "perfect" life, but they certainly can have one worth living. Life isn't a "bed of roses", but it isn't all thorns either. I'm glad they're in this world and proud to be their dad. That's why I chose to have kids.

    But having a child is by far the greatest thing in the world and nothing compares with my 2.5 year old giving me a hug and saying "I love you daddy".

    That makes up for all the sleepless nights from infancy till they leave home. My 20 year old son still tells me "I love you, Dad." It melts my heart even more now that he is a man. However, when my soon to be 17 year old daughter says, "I love you, Daddy" I want to get me a shotgun and dare any boy to date her.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    You have a CHOICE?????

    Lucky boy, my son.........................

    just kiddin' kids are Awsome..... till they they reach 11.

  • exwhyzee

    We have two kids... had them pretty young and enjoyed/still enjoy them very very much. Did a good job with em' if I do say so myself (brag) They are the pride and joy of my life. When one is young, you are invincible, you have this built in "knowing", that somehow nothing bad will happen to you. I have to say though, when we got into our thirties and were more realistic and also realized how deeply one loves their kids, the seriousness of having brought two of them into a world that we were taught was going to end in a disaster, really worried me sick. Looking back realistically at myself and other JW's I knew...on some level, we must not have truly believed that the world was actually going to end, at least not anytime soon. Otherwise, why would we have intentionally brought children into such a situation? It's frightening to realize the mindset that we had that made living like this seem normal. Knocking on doors, warning people of the end yet all the while carrying on as if everything was business as usual.

  • robson

    Well, first you don't have to understand it in a way that makes you go beyond what is going on with them.

    As a witness you are admonished not to have children cause the end is near, that scripture I think is also taken out of context so let's just keep our conversation not leading towards that scripture.

    Kids are a reason many of us believe God is merciful with humans and having that power to pass life into our offsprings is just wonderful nothing in this world can compensate having children. what I do not like seeing is old brothers being lonely cause they never had kids nobody takes care of them furthermore having kids make us see ourselves in them and that is just unexplicable then there is where I see this reality is real and not just a time lapse experience.

    Even if we bring them to a world that is not perfect they will make it a better place and they will be a humans of extraordinary intelligence and who knows they can do something none of us ever thought about.

    For me not having kids could be a question to post not the opposite lets all have children and fill this world.

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