EVIL was Theodore Jaracz??

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    We do not go beyond the things that are written.

    OK. So where in the Bible does it say that a judicial committee should ask inappropriate questions? Where in the Bible does it say that abuse should be covred up?

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    He was a 'New World' Stalin

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    I guess he will having fun in Hell, along with Booze Jo, Russel, Knorr, Franz

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    I'm not sure he was evil but the horns and pointy tail did him no good for his public image.

    Rub a Dub

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    The Freeminds articles on Ted Jaracz were very interesting reading. Been out since 95', but have learned so much about the org. from this site.

    Think About It

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    Never met Ted in person although he spoke at several of our large Conventions. For DOs and COsit was a strange life being on the road and living with families as they visited Congregations each week. We had the Garret's live with us, my mother really liked his wife and they were close friends, and the Stewart's and many other COs and DOs stayed with us, many had health problems I think mainly from the stress. Fredinelli (spelling) was a real doozy, pill popping junkie with sandpaper for a personality, he tried to throw me to the curb as a young 19 year School Overseer and Pioneer, didn't measure up to his standards. Hey remember when they would go through your glove box looking for Rock n Roll 8 tracks.

  • WTWizard

    This pathetic excuse of a "human" is responsible for many of the excessive hardships brought on by the religion. He is the one responsible for protecting pedophiles, especially those who do it because they want to ruin children's lives. Something tells me that this "human" lived to ruin people's lives, and I hope only the worst for him. Whether this means coming back as a AIDS virus that gets knocked out, or a bedbug that never gets a proper meal before starving to death, or a cockroach that freezes to death, or a snake that someone steps on and kills slowly, so be it. Or, if it means hellfire, he deserves the same conscious torture reserved for the likes of Hitler, president Osama Obama, the original Osama Bin Laden, Plato (for introducing a rule-for-everything style to human life and preventing self-leadership), and his buddy Al Shroeder.

    He was almost exactly the opposite of Raymond Franz. Ray wanted to abide by the Bible, and did everything in his power to steer the religion toward the Bible and away from man-made doctrines. Once he was put out of the religion, he continued helping to guide people to the Bible and away from man's traditions and rules. He also lived by the Bible to the biggest extent he possibly could. Ray was quite a bit more humble--so much for the apostates always being arrogant and the faithful witlesses being humble.

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