Armageddon -- Are we there yet?

by FatFreek 2005 25 Replies latest social humour

  • HintOfLime
    Jesus said it was NEAR. That was 2,000 years ago.

    Show's how little Jesus knew. (Or more accurately, the writers who invented him.)

    - Lime

  • LongHairGal

    Good cartoon! But, 'soon' must mean geological time and not human time.

    Of course the religion is going to keep saying 'soon' if they hope to keep the remaining people there and not bolting out the door.

  • robson

    well armageddon has its on definition I constantly listen to talks about it and is just to some extent not real what they all say, they will tell you what will happen who will be killed who will be saved and who they think they are God no one how it will be like.

    In one hand we have the battle of God almighty against political powers on earth we humans don't participate in it that is an invisible battle where the ruler of this world challenges God, and Michael the arcangel along with myriads of angels directs the battle and in his white horse he will become victorious and death,hunger, and sickness and all sin related to all of this will be things of the past. Short explanation look up for more.

    The other explanation is that all people who are not JW's will die them along with their children even if they were just born when armageddon arrives they will be scattered throughout the fields that will be a bloodshed by God that sort of explanation needs more argument but continuing all who are sinners not belonging to JW's will die unless they repent and change to the religion. need more explanation

    So we have different viewpoints to consider and I think there can more than one to discuss however the end is not yet here because the great tribulation hasn't ocurred yet and once is done there will be a time lapse between the GT and A so we still don't know how long will it take. Keep on watch so as to not fall asleep when that time arrives cause it will arrive like a thief at night and who can stand against such a battle.

    Wait on Jehovah for the answers not on humans.

  • jookbeard

    Wait on Jerkhobah for the answers not humans,

    you may be in for a long wait Robson

  • cameo-d

    And won't you all be surprised one day to hear WT announce that Armageddon is over. It came and went and you didn't even notice. All the gory stories were only metaphorical. It didn't go down the way the pictures painted it. So you were looking in the wrong direction---and you missed it.

  • teel
    Better happen quick....wait too much longer and people will be living to 150, cures will be found for diseases, and the worldwide standard of living will continue to rise...

    People are living longer than 100 years ago, cures were found for diseases, and the worldwide standard of living has risen (ok, except for the last few years, but still)... so no, that won't stop them. As long as there's one person on Earth who receives some unjustice, they will just cling to that to prove how bad things are.

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