Did your Kingdom Hall have kitchen?

by asilentone 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • cantleave

    Ours had a nice little kitchen area. We had tea and cakes during Hall Cleaning sessions

  • Elgiard

    Mine had a lunch room in the basement. I think there was like a workshop sink, and a microwave. I don't think there was an oven though. It's been so long that I don't really remember.

  • Gregor

    Many secular Christian churches have a small domestic kitchen with a pass window. Potlucks, etc.

    The WT is recommending a small freezer/refrig., sink and a hand mixer on hand for making up batches of Kool Aid

  • myriam737

    Mine had one. Located in Gatineau, Quebec (Canada)

  • Sojourn

    Ours had an Apartment...... the society stopped letting anyone rent them, because a Pioneer Couple left the truth, but were renting the Apartment at a KH.... well they were evicited..... why?????........... because of religious beliefs??? YES!!!! ........................... The Courts Said ...NOOOOOO!!! THEY CAN STAY!!!!

    no more renting Apartment KH's

    I hope that is true! Too good!

    and a hand mixer on hand for making up batches of Kool Aid


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