End of Pioneer Assist - real reasons?

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  • freddo

    I reckon that the sentence at the start of paragraph two of the letter to elders that says "In view of the good results and for other practical reasons, it is now felt that the Pioneer Assist Others program has accomplished its purpose." (Italics mine) is Legal CYA because if a pioneer goofs up and injures (while driving?) or molests an assistee then there is a direct link to the WTS because a pioneer is society appointed.

    Follow the dollars ...

  • Gayle

    freddo says,, "because a pioneer is society appointed."

    do you think it'll change altogether to make the elders totally accountable for pioneers appointments some day? The Headquarters doesn't want any accountability.

  • moshe

    Field service is all voluntary, so the need for an official pioneer appointment is really silly.

  • sir82
    do you think it'll change altogether to make the elders totally accountable for pioneers appointments some day?

    It's already happened.

    Since the beginning of 2010, or maybe earlier, don't recall exactly, pioneers are appointed exclusively by their congregation's service committee.

    The elders then inform the Society of their approval via the JW.org website. Thus the Society knows who the pioneers are, but no longer appoints or removes them.

    The timing of that change, along with the removal of the PAO program, seems to be too close to be coincidental.

    I suspect you may be right, there may be some fear (or who knows, maybe a current lawsuit) of a pioneer being "responsible" for something unpleasant for a "trainee".

    As you say, follow the money. No one is going to get rich suing a window washer or vitamin salesman who is also a pioneer. However, if a direct link can be made to the multi-billion dollar publishing corporation behind it all.....

  • jwfacts

    Good point.

    "In view of the good results..."

    The reasoning does not make sense. If the results are good than it should continue, not be discontinued, so other issues are at hand. As you say, it is a legal concern.

  • OnTheWayOut

    ....and for other practical reasons

    So that will start rumors that they mean that the preaching work is coming to an end.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    The Pioneer Assist program was never effective for me...they always targeted me to be in the program because I was "spritually weak" because I was divorced in Jehovahs Organization...then the pioneers they stuck me with never assisted me with anything....they just made me take the doors and made no coments on how to improve, I always thought it was a joke-and for some stupid reason I always felt too guilty to say no, thinking absurdly that Jehovah was trying to help me....

  • wasblind

    Hey moshe,

    I wasn't told the field service was voluntary, and when i slacked off i was ask question from an elder as to why

    and that whatever i was going through more field service was the answer.

  • moshe

    If a JW gets hurt in the field service activities and they attempt to sue the WT Corp, the legal department will testify that the JW was doing this work as a volunteer. Of course, if you don't want to volunteer, the KH will likely take actions against you, but that is their actions, not the WT Corp.

  • WTWizard

    Good results? I think the "good results" are pio-sneers that are trained to continually run in the same circles, getting all the same not at homes and not interested's. They are also trained to get rid of anything that is the least little bit fun. They are not very effective at getting the cancer spread where it is not yet widespread, and they are not at all effective at improving life for those in the cancer.

    I would like to challenge them for what qualifies as "good results".

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