End of Pioneer Assist - real reasons?

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  • undercover

    Man, it sure is complicated...trying to worship Jehovah and all...

  • snowbird

    Say it again, UC.

    Stale, dry, legalistic, boring, devoid of any spontaneity, ...


    *shaking head sadly*


  • Finally-Free

    The pioneers™ were "assisting" weak ones™. Many of these are faders who come to sites like this and know the society is full of crap.

    Maybe the number of pioneers™ they were losing through this program outweighed the number of weak ones™ reactivated.


  • miseryloveselders

    The Pioneer Assist program was never effective for me...they always targeted me to be in the program because I was "spritually weak" because I was divorced in Jehovahs Organization...then the pioneers they stuck me with never assisted me with anything....they just made me take the doors and made no coments on how to improve, I always thought it was a joke-and for some stupid reason I always felt too guilty to say no, thinking absurdly that Jehovah was trying to help me....

    I always felt that this program was demeaning and insulting. Now after reading this post, and another thread related to this subject, I know my thinking was accurate.

    Something else I noticed was last week's Service Meeting part taken from the July KM. There's a part entitled, "Am I Doing Enough?" There's a paragraph with content that in all my life as a born-in, I've NEVER read anything from the WTS quite like it. I pasted it below, and bolded the part that stood out to me.

    How to View Reminders: During a race, well-wishers often call out encouragement.The purpose is to help the runners to reach their goal, not to demoralize them. Similarly, the Bible-based encouragement and reminders given at our meetings and in our publications to 'preach the word urgently'are for our benefit and are not to imply that our efforts are in some way insufficient.(2 Tim. 4:2) We can be confident that as long as we keep trying to do our best, Jehovah will remember our 'love and works' with favour.-Heb. 6:10.

  • miseryloveselders

    Copying and pasting texts with different formats doesn't always work out how you wish. I meant to say considering them ending this demeaning program, and what I pasted from that KM, is there a move to be less demanding and insulting to the average dub? Its just funny to me that as Jaracz got sick and died, within the same time frame we see the end of this program, and also this KM article which is almost apologetic in tone. With Jaracz being sick prior to croaking, was/is the Writing Department and other heavies flexing their newfound muscle? Have the hardliners day come and gone?

  • snowbird

    Hopefully, MLE, the WT's plantation-style system of running things has finally wound down.


  • Scully

    If a program has positive results, you don't terminate it.

    My guess is that there was a distinct lack of Pioneers™ who were willing to help struggling Publishers™. That was my personal experience when I was ill and struggling to keep Active™ in Field Service™. It was one of the Pioneers™ who came up to me after a Meeting™ and hatefully told me to "get your own damn Bible Studies™" and proceeded to spread the rumour about that Sister Scully doesn't want to go Door-to-Door™ anymore.

    Pioneers™ don't feel obligated to help anyone. They are more interested in sponging off people - the same hateful Pioneer™ I mentioned above called me on the phone within an hour of me winning $1500 on a radio contest and invited me to take her out for lunch to celebrate my prize. I told her she should win her own damn radio contest and hung up on her.

  • Scully

    I also wonder how many Pioneers™ ended up being assigned to chaperone child molesters and other sex offenders to go Door-to-Door™.

    I'd be FURIOUS if I was asked to help someone become more Active™ in Field Service™, and then later found out that they needed to be chaperoned because they were a child molester or some other kind of sex offender.

  • JWoods

    I wondered if possibly this was an effort to REDUCE THE INFLUENCE of the pioneers in favor of the local elders and the CO/DO.

    Maybe they had gotten a little too big in the head with all this responsibility? (especially SISTER pioneers???)

  • blondie

    I have been at both ends, I was a regular pioneer who unofficially encouraged other sisters; we'd go out for about an hour d2d or rvs then on a positive study; then we would go out for lunch, dutch treat. I never expected anyone to pay my way though some of my contemporaries did that, whining all the way about their lack of funds.

    Not once did the service overseer talk to me but did everything through my husband when it came to my turn being the "weak" one. I told my husband that I would participate but would not if a certain pioneer sister was assigned to me...of course, guess who they assigned (no one wanter her) and they told her it was a done deal before talking to me. I told the pioneer that they were mistaken and the service overseer was peeved but still never talked to me directly...what cowards those men were.

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