What do you think about the anointed?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I don't want to condemn them all with one broad stroke.

    I believe some of them may be fakers and frauds, like for example, our old pal Ted Jaracz, who decided he was anointed after he understood it was the only path to power. Yes, I judge him.

    I have known some wonderful and dear people who claimed to be anointed, and I don't think they were making the claim for personal reasons.

    I think they are sincere in their beliefs, which I also believe are entirely incorrect.

    It's like this - when you were a kid, did you ever have a dream that you got a pony or other wonderful thing for your birthday? Then you wake up and remember that you live in a small apartment in the Bronx, and that ponies are not allowed.

    I guess there's no harm in thinking you're of the anointed - they aren't Muslim homicide bombers, after all, just people all caught up in the Jesus thing.

    No harm done, live and let live. Peace be unto you.

  • straightshooter

    I agree with blondie. The anointed I met were no different than I. They were sincere in their beliefs that they were anointed. But I have seen fakers, mainly those very young.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Titus asked,

    TD said that here was one "anointed" poster few years ago.

    Does anybody remember who was that?

    Yes, that was AMAZING!, aka Jim Whitney, who has returned to his Roman Catholic roots. Look up AMAZING!'s posts in which he discusses the whole anointed phenomenon - it offers some good insights.

  • blondie

    I do believe that Jim Whitney is in his 50's and thus a post-1935 anointed.

    There was a poster on here named Friend and I do believe he might have been anointed and from the pre-1935 group.


  • LockedChaos

    They may believe its so

    That doesn't make it so

    I think it's all big fairy tale anyway.................

    Not up to me to prove it isn't

    The burden of proof is on them to prove it is

    Quoting from some cobbled together

    holy book doesn't prove anything

    one way or the other

  • AGuest

    They may have been "called", dear ones (may you all have peace!)... for MANY are called (and many more THINK they've been called)... but they certainly have not been "chosen." How do I know? Because in order to be chosen they would:

    (1) Have to QUIT TOUCHING THE UNCLEAN THING... because it only THEN that they are taken in as sons and daughters;

    (2) Have only ONE leader, Christ, whom they follow and obey... and NO other... certainly not "strangers";

    (3) Possess both fruits AND gifts of the spirit, which fruits and gifts they do NOT hide "under a basket";

    (4) Openly PROFESS that anointing - not "lording" it over anyone else, but CERTAINLY not downplaying it... not walking in the fear of MEN... and as if it's something to be ashamed of (can you imagine the apostles and first century Body downplaying the great JOY such choosing brought them?? JOY... is a FRUIT of God's spirit!!)

    (5) NOT shun... or JUDGE... ANYONE... or be a part of anything/one that did... at this point in the game...

    (6) NOT lead folks BACK into slavery... but TO Christ... the One who sets them... and those who listen to them... truly FREE!

    (7) Most importantly... HEAR the voice of Christ (I mean, c'mon... how can one HEAR the "call" if they can't HEAR the Voice that CALLED them???? It is NOT a feeling! It is a VOICE that SPEAKS!).

    And so much more.

    I know, dear ones... there are MANY who WANT to BE called... and many who BELIEVE they have BEEN called. But that does not make it so. And there are many who would say, "Who are YOU, Shelby, to say who is or who isn't?" While I truly cannot say who is... I can, with certainty, say who isn't. As can you: because my Lord DID say that "by their FRUITS you would know them." True, some of these may not individually bear rotten fruit; however, the TREE that bears THEM... that they are grafted into... the WTBTS... absolutely bears such fruit... indeed, PLANTS that fruit. And everyone who "partakes" of that fruit is eating at the table of Satan. Which one CANNOT do and still be eating at the table of God.

    Which is why the warning is to GET OUT OF HER. THEN... one can be a son or daughter. Because a LITTLE leaven... ferments the ENTIRE lump. Like those who "apologized" for the heinous conduct of the WTBTS who did nothing for innocents molested by their agents, but wrote instead that they were at the mercy of their LEADERS. Well, then, their lot will be the same as those leaders.

    But, ah, who am I to think such things? I can only answer that if you want to know what it's like to be "French"... you would do better to ask someone who IS French... rather than listen to the contrived and oh-so-very-empty (which is why they can't EXPLAIN it) musings of someone who has only read about the French. Elementary.

    Again, I bid you all peace... and EARS to HEAR... when the Spirit and the Bride say to YOU:

    "Come! Take 'life's water'... FREE!"

    A TRUE slave of Christ, by means of a TRUE anointing with holy spirit, which choosing is NOT inexplicable... or a reason to hide... but, to the contrary, a reason to REJOICE... and SHOUT... from the rooftops!

    SA, who thinks, well, my goodness, what in the world is everyone so AFRAID of in this day and age?? Being believed/accepted/rejected/harmed/even killed by MEN?? Men who cannot give you life but can certainly lead you to its loss??? Again, I exhort you: come out... come out... wherever you are! Let your light SHINE... so that men might SEE it!!

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