What do you think about the anointed?

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  • MrFreeze

    Do you think most of those who claim to be anointed are faking it or do you think they actually believe they are anointed? It's something I've always wondered.

  • cattails

    Being "anointed" is being a "Christian," linguistically. I believe what Jesus said about needing to be born again, born from above, spiritually speaking.

    I believe that those "conscious of their spiritual need" don't follow company men from any religious publishing corporation, they instead follow the Christ.

  • MrFreeze

    I understand what you are saying but I'm talking about anointed as in the JW sense of the word, like they believe they are among the few chosen to go to heaven.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    What struck me as odd was out of the JW theology of 144,000 heavenly kings & priests with Christ, how many my little neck of the woods had. If only one word could be picked to describe them it would be peculiar.

    Think About It

  • aquagirl

    They are senile old fools with one last chance at being a rock star.Sorry if Ive offended anyone..Just sayin...

  • ZeusRocks

    They either have big egos hidden by a mask of humility, or they are showing the first signs of dementia.

  • dgp

    Well, this is one of the peculiar WT beliefs I've never been able to understand.

    How is it that other witnesses consider someone "anointed" just because he or she says so?

    I can only think of an elderly lady who attends my mother's Catholic church. She says the Virgin Mary communicates with her every so often. No one believes her, among other things because quite often Our Lady speaks nonsense, pretty much like what this old lady speaks when she is not divinely inspired.

    I'm sure you have noticed just how many evangelicals claim to be "prophets", and how many claim to speak in tongues. I had neighbors, of course trinitarians, who would regularly receive the Holy Spirit this way. One day I got fed up of the many noises the Spirit inspired into them, so I made it a point of them hearing me that "there they were again". I have to believe that I'm demonic enough to scare the Holy Spirit away, because they shut up right after I said that. And the Spirit didn't seem to come upon them again for quite some time.

    I'm sure no Jehovah's witness would have trouble seeing that these people are just fakes, or, at the very least, "over-enthusiastic". How come the annointed aren't seen the same way?

    I remember that I read that, for quite some time, when the calling had been closed, you just couldn't claim to be one of the annointed that easily. Now it seems you can, in spite of the Overlapping Generation.

    This is one of the WT teachings that are transparent lies.

  • Gregor

    Known several partakers. Most are peculiar as was said above. I'm sure there are all kinds of motivations for making this decision, including just plain ego to belong to the special class and have the recognition. It never once crossed my mind.

  • ronniegirl

    How is it that other witnesses consider someone "anointed" just because he or she says so?

    JW's have to believe it because if they don't they will die at Armegeddon. I remember being made to feel that way..you were not allowed to doubt the Annointed about anything and to do so was grieving the Holy Spirit (or something like that). Apparently because the Holy Spirit speaks to their spirit, if they feel they are of the Annointed, they are.

  • misocup

    Maybe they are narcissists or schizophrenic.

    I remember an old lady who had been one for years. No one ever talked to her. Then there was a young man of about 20 who started partaking. But the Elders put it around that he wasn't.

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