What do you think about the anointed?

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  • dgp

    On the other hand, and with due respect to Blondie, consider this: the whole idea of the anointed is at the core of Watchtower doctrine. Otherwise, the "overlapping" generation would be no problem. Therefore, I am afraid that the anointed have a very heavy burden to bear. If you think that the Watchtower is just not right, what do you have to think about the anointed? That, at most, they were people who honestly believed they were something they were not.

  • blondie

    dgp, you do realize that except for the "anointed" men in New York, the rest, men and women, are not consulted on doctrine or prophecy and have little if no status in the WT organization? Thus of the approximately 11,000 who claim to be anointed, only those on the governing body (ten approx) have any "burden" to bear.

  • undercover

    I only knew one "annointed" person, personally (I knew of a couple others, but not well). She was a bit odd. Looking back on it, from both as an adult ( I knew her my entire life until she died) and from the perspective of being freed from WT-thing... I don't think she was really all there. Not handicapped...just operated on a frequency of her own that didn't coincide with the rest of us.

    But I think it's possible that for many of them, they just believed it so strong that they got a feeling they couldn't explain so therefore it was the spirit making itself manifest. Not completely unlike a born again xtian who describes the feeling of when Jesus saved them and their life was changed forever.

    I work with such a person. He 'testifies' about his experience and how it changed his life from drink and drugs to starting a ministry and serving as a minister. If he had been a JW, I can imagine him claiming to be of the annointed...he's that gungho about his faith.


    to put it in the simpliest of terms - they're delusional

  • Titus

    TD said that here was one "anointed" poster few years ago.

    Does anybody remember who was that?

  • dgp


  • miseryloveselders

    I've only known one personally, two if I count another who was a close friend of my father. The one who was a friend of my father was a womanizer slash pervert who had been DF'd at one point. Nobody has ever taken him seriously as being one of the annointed. The other brother was well loved and respected by many. It wasn't uncommon to see people of younger generations going out of their way to hug and kiss him. He really was a pleasant older man that people gravitated towards.

  • cskyjw.sun

    the memorial partaker 2009 was 10,857

  • streets76

    What do I think? I'm in awe of their well-deserved and hard-earned "spirituality."

    There was also this very rich kid in my high school (from the other side of the tracks). I was totally in awe of his well-deserved and hard-earned circumstances,

  • Lozhasleft
    What proof do you think they should provide? Tongues of fire come down on their heads? That only happened at Pentecost 33 C.E.
    What proof did Christians provide in the first century?
    It's supposed to be between them and God. If they falsely claim, then it is between them and God.
    In the end the requirements to be a Christian are the same for all, no separate requirements for anointed and non-anointed.

    Thank you Blondie. Excellent post. Loz x

  • Gregor

    It was handy to have an annointed in the congregation. After the meeting on a dark night you could find your car in the parking lot by their glow.

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