As a Man have your Attitudes Towards Women Changed since Exiting JW's ?

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  • JeffT

    FHN, you'll appreciate this one I got from a friend (she's a retired general in the Royal Thai Army):

    There are four things a woman needs from a man

    1) A man should be well educated and able to care for the family financially

    2) A man should be helpful around the house and with the children.

    3) A man should be romantic and good in bed

    4) Most importantly, these three men should never meet each other.

  • mrsjones5

    Word of the day: Polyandry

  • streets76

    "One person is not nearly enough for another person." -- Kurt Vonnegut, author (paraphrased)

    "All women are insane." -- Jim, friend of mine

    "I've had many girlfriends and lovers down through the years, JWs and worldlies. I loved them all and still do." -- Streets76, me

  • Free yet lonely
    Free yet lonely

    Gubberningbody your post is hillarious - made me laugh out loud. The view of men over women in the WTBS is hideous!! It was another thing that never sat right with me. I love sharing things very equally with my man - caring for our baby/paying bills etc... allthough he will never do housework without me asking. My sister on the other hand (strict jdub hubby) has been controlled by her hubby through this rediculous notion of submission!! Allthough I admittedly do not know how she feels these days, but the last time she returned a text she was super depressed.

  • misocup

    Second-class citizens, little say over their own lives or decisions about their lives, yet still punished and held accountable equally.


    As a born-in it was hard not to be influenced by the way that women were treated as a lower class than men. I never thought too highly of myself so was always very respectful of women and their skills. I was amazed when I'd take the book study group as a teenager and there'd be really smart and experienced sisters there.

    I was brought up believing that I'd have the pick of the sisters cos there were far fewer brothers, that I'd live forever and that if I were alone with a worldly woman - sex would happen unless I fought her off.

    I don't believe that now.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Not really.

    I never could treat my wife back then badly, and didn't hold the 'i am the head' mentality. We were pretty much equals till we had kids... then she was the boss! I always could talk to woman better than men...

    I dont expect my wife now to cook and clean for me, although we have fallen into some sort of routine.

    After leaving i began to realize and see women as sexual creatures in their own right rather than renderers of 'due'.

    I liked woman then, and i like woman now!


  • flipper

    FHN- I hear ya. I think we've all had fantasies from time to time. It's called being a normal flesh and blood human. LOL !

    JEFFT- Good joke. I heard that one awhile ago. Classic.

    MRS. JONES- Polyandry ? Interesting. I'll have to look THAT one up ! LOL ! What does it mean ?

    STREETS 76- Interesting quotes for sure ! Had a good number of girlfriends in the past myself- but very content with my one & only wife the last almost 5 years ! Thanks.

    FREE YET LONELY- I'm glad to hear you and your man have an equal relationship that's balanced ! That is great. Your sister is probably depressed in part- because she has no control of her life with a domineering husband. Very sad. I hope you are close to her to be a sympathetic hearing ear.

    MISOCUP- Very true. It was NEVER equal in the Jehovah's Witness cult. Women & children were considered 2nd class citizens- yet expected to carry the same weight of responsibility that men were and held equally accountable. Sad.

    MMXIV- I agree there were MANY experienced witness women who often could handle things much more effeciently than men in the congregation. I think that so many of the JW men were wussy's- that THEY should have been forced to wear head coverings while giving parts on the meetings and talks ! Might have knocked them down a peg.

    AUSSIE OZ- That is really cool you always had a deep respect and valued women anyway- in spite of the WT organization's view of women. I was the same way. I loved women then, still do today ! Especially my wife ! I'm glad we didn't let cult mind control warp our views my friend

  • mrsjones5

    pol·y·an·dry (pl-ndr)

    n. 1. The condition or practice of having more than one husband at one time.

  • peacedog

    I am more attracted to them than ever...... not sure it has anything to do with leaving the JWs though..... :)

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