As a Man have your Attitudes Towards Women Changed since Exiting JW's ?

by flipper 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Quentin

    You bet....Kathy has stood by me through thick and thin, she's smarter too. Like any married couple we have fought like cats and dogs as she is dsiabled, when that happened it was time for me to poney up....

  • flipper

    XJW4EVER- You were certainly very fortunate to have a great dad who showed love and respect to your mom. Good for you. I'm sure there were a number of others whose marriages were successful too- but like yourself- I heard of many marriages in the witnesses which failed and husbands didn't show proper care and respect for wives. Glad your dad gave you a good example to follow.

    QUENTIN- I'm glad you've had a great relationship and things have gone good for the most part. Fantastic. I'm sure you've been a great, supportive husband to your wife in dealing with her disability. Good for you. You are to be commended. It shows a lot of love

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