Imagine a WT Paradise Earth with over 100 Billion People- Not!

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  • moshe

    For years the WT has claimed that only 20 Billion people have ever lived on the earth- In 1988 they claimed that there would be 1/3 hectare of every person who ever lived, which they said was enough to grow all the food that was needed. A more realistic number by the Population Reference Bureau is over 100 billion. Life in the WT Utopia would resemble living in third world slums with just one bowl of food a day. JWs need to realize that this WT "Paradise Earth" dogma is just a made up pie-in-the sky teaching that is used to keep JW's in line. No Bible scripture can be found to back up their fantasy, either. Why, JWs will allow their loved ones to die by forbidding a blood transfusion in order to insure their loved ones gets a resurrection back to the New Earth. in essence they are killing them over a lie.

    JW's need to wake up and smell the coffee- there ain't gonna be no such reward for JW's, no big empty mansions to move into, no hammock under the palm trees with sweetened iced tea to drink, no perfect family and kids for the 70 year old single lifer pioneer sister. 100 billion people leaves no room for the pet tigers, lions or elephants, either.

  • sir82

    Jehovah has a magic shrink-ray.

    In the new world, no human will be taller than 2 inches.

    Plenty of room for all!

  • Soldier77

    I think one of the more fascinating things I used to believe in was a Paradise Earth scenario. Even when I believed the WTS and its dogma, I couldn't wrap my head around it, it seemed so...fairytale-ish.

    The more I'm researching and digging up things, the more of my belief system is being torn down. I'm trying to do some reconstruction to it as I grow, but not sure if that's possible. Might have to do a full demolition and then rebuild.

  • moshe

    A good discussion on food production- if we clear cut all the forests and grow cereal crops for everyone, the best that can be hoped for is enough food for 20 billion people.

    fresh water? At some point a shower or bath would be a once a year event. Garbage? Even 20 billion people would be too much for the earth. Anyway you slice it, the WT pardise earth hope is just a story that belongs in a comic book.

  • bohm

    moshe: fortunately jehovah has a loving arrangement that will fix the problem.

    it is called genoside.


    After God Kills all the JW`s at Armageddon..Who did`nt do enough for the WBT$..

    There will be under 50 people,in the New System..

    God will kill them,too if they get lazy..

    God hates lazy JW`s..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • moshe

    Yes OutLaw, JW's are lazy- too lazy to get a good education, too lazy to work for a nice home in the mountains- they want your home, creaky gates, fences, truck and all- for free. It ain't gonna happen!

  • cantleave

    Fascinating link Moshe. , it is fundamentally flawed - mankind has only been on the earth for 6000 years LMAO

  • Leolaia
  • moshe

    I read some comments today attached to a story about a JW woman in Britain who died after giving birth to twins a few years ago- of course, she refused a blood transfusion. The public's comments condemned the JWs, but the JWs said- "at least she will be back in the New System of things". If Jws could just see how impossible it all is, then perhaps they wouldn't be so likely to kill themselves or their kids over a needed blood transfusion. Even if 100 million people believe a made up doctrine , that won't make it come true.

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