Imagine a WT Paradise Earth with over 100 Billion People- Not!

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    the math does not work does it?

    No, not for normal people. These aren't normal people. Their "Governing Body" overrides all know science and common sense

    They pray incessantly for their god's kingdom to present itself on earth. Doing so, they have to pray for their god to murder billions of people.

    Following their desire to it's logical save the world from mass overpopulation and starvation during the resurrection...they have to pray that their god will also murder billions upon billions of people as soon as they are born again into the "new system".

    Or they have to pray that a shitload of people commited the unforgivable sin before they died and Jehoover has already tossed them into Gehenna.

    Either way, the death of billions is their hope

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    Dark Side

    Bump for thought

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