Do You Think "Religious" People Are Generally "Nicer" Than Non-Religious Ones?

by minimus 38 Replies latest jw friends


    I agree that there are good people in both groups, religious and non-religious. However, it has been my experience that non-religious folks, for the most part, are less judgmental and more accepting of people from all walks of life.

  • nicolaou

    There are some aspects of life in a religious community that I miss, most of the the JW's I grew up with - and those who I still know - do not get routinely drunk or use the 'c' word every five minutes! No one smoked pot, habitually lied or fooled around when their spouses weren't present.

    The flip side is of course the judgmentalism, indoctrination and conditional status of any relationship.

    I think religion is a mixed bag at best when it comes to helping someone become a 'nicer' person. Nicer by whose standards? Some of the nicest - and nastiest - people I've ever met have been so-called 'worldy people' with no religious upbringing whatsoever.

    I could say the exact same thing about Jehovah's Witnesses. Some I would die for, others are just pond life.

  • ziddina


    Exactly the opposite.

    Especially when one is driving...

    I've learned (through hard experience) to watch out for those cars that have "fishheads" on them - a plastic stick-on "Christian" fish emblem - or the kneeling, praying "Calvin" [of "Calvin & Hobbs] before a cross, etc, etc.

    They are the WORST drivers!!! Inconsiderate, rude, ruthless, obtuse, and blitheringly oblivious to the other cars around them...

    Much of my negative impressions of Christians in general have come from observing these drivers...


  • The Finger
    The Finger

    No. I find it rather mixed.

  • seawolf

    Can't say I've noticed a difference either way.

  • minimus

    I don't like dealing with "uptight" people anyway.

  • snowbird
    I don't like dealing with "uptight" people anyway.


    Neither do I.


  • minimus

    I hear ya!

  • StAnn

    My dad always said that whenever someone told you what a good Christian they were, you'd better put a tight grip on your wallet.

    I agree.

    There are nasty and annoying people everywhere and there are nice people everywhere.

  • minimus

    I wonder how devout Muslims are to deal with?

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