How JWs reacted to TV show and comment about 1975 prophecy.

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  • iknowall558
    JehovahsWitness NewsBlog Sherri Shepherd does it again. Can't make this stuff up folks...

    ABC The View | Jehovah's Witnesses | 2010 Sherri Shepherd does it again. Can't make this stuff up folks... Join our YOUTUBE group. ? Jehovini svjedoci Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovas vittnen Basupi ba ga Jehova Yehova'nin Sahitleri ?????? ????? Bambangi ya Yehowa ...

    Tuesday at 5:30pm · Share 2 people like this. Misael Paniagua Wow she does now it's coming
    Right? Tuesday at 5:59pm Edwin Reyes It's a good thing for her Armagedom didn't happened in 1975, stop paying your bills? Jehová does not want dishonest people in his new world... :) Tuesday at 6:19pm · 1 person Loading... Molli Hurley ‎1975? Lmao! Who told them that? No one knows when that's going to happen. How could they of picked a date for that if no one knows when it's coming? Sounds like someone got a little carried away.... Tuesday at 6:23pm Nadege Jeanclaude Not knowing what she is doing at least she is telling the world that day is coming! Tuesday at 6:26pm · 1 person Loading... Tan Jo they are all crazy...
    laughing about Armahgedon... huh,, Tuesday at 6:33pm · 1 person Loading... Misael Paniagua Armageddon is coming fast and later or earlier it will come Tuesday at 6:44pm · 2 people Loading... Ben Jammin Straley The society NEVER SAID THE END WAS COMING IN 1975! There was an off-handed comment in one of the books that said something to the effect of...(and I'm paraphrasing here)..."1975 will mark the end of 6000 years of human rulership. Wouldn't it be interesting IF the thousand year reign of Christ began...yada yada yada" I personally think it ... See More should not have been worded that way, but for anyone to say that the society said the end was coming is ludicrous. People took that statement of speculation, went WAAAAAY too far with it, and now it's become an urban myth that's been blown entirely out of proportion. Tuesday at 8:00pm · 2 people Loading... Ben Jammin Straley I should clarify. I misspoke. That should read "6000 years of human *history*"....not "rulership". Tuesday at 8:02pm Rene Parra born April 22, 1967 Tuesday at 8:44pm Noel Burge The information she is speaking about can be found in the watchtower library. The way i understand it the society is saying that there was a misunderstanding or confusion . Tuesday at 8:45pm Za'da L'mour Jones Blow dryer huh... to evaporate the water because water doesn't evaporate? LOL Tuesday at 8:48pm Noel Burge Yeah whats funny about atheist's are that while they don't believe in god or religion they are in fact a religion.

    They are out preaching that there is no god, They are actively promoting their belief's . They gather together to support their beliefs.
    They are trying to convert people to believe as they do. All the religious chat rooms are taken ... See More over by atheists . You now have to be invited to a private chat for real conversation while the atheist are hanging out in the public religious chat rooms. etc etc Tuesday at 8:58pm Misael Paniagua Some people just lie cuz
    They are in satans control but we musnt belief in all those lies... Tuesday at 9:12pm Misael Paniagua ‎@Noel maybe that's why u need to be friends with the jw newsblog to comment and chat with the other brothers Tuesday at 9:14pm Noel Burge ‎@ Misael i do not understand what you are trying to say to me? Tuesday at 9:42pm Noel Burge I am friends with Jw news blog and i like the site. I was not saying that i frequent chat rooms. I am saying that in the past i have been to them and they are full of atheists. I was not born in the truth. I was born into Christendom and was baptized in feb 97. I am really not sure what you are saying sorry brother :) Tuesday at 9:46pm JehovahsWitness NewsBlog Sherri Shepherd was born in 1967. She would've been 8 years old in 1975...yet...SHE WAS $20,000.00 IN DEBT???...AT 8 YEARS OLD???...
    just sayin'... Tuesday at 10:29pm · 4 people Loading... Za'da L'mour Jones Those 8 year olds and they're credit cards... boy I tell ya. Tuesday at 10:31pm · 3 people Loading... JehovahsWitness NewsBlog ‎@ Misael Paniagua

    .......[¦¦¦? ? ¦¦¦]___________?
    _?¦¦ JWN DEFENCE ¦?_??
    I¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦] ... See More ...???????????????

    DO NOT question the motives of anyone
    on this site or you will be removed! Tuesday at 10:32pm · 1 person Loading... Bbkoh Anusencion Millado Only God exactly when the system of things would come, NOBODY KNOWS NEITHER THE ANGELS OF THE HEAVEN NOR THE SON.. Tuesday at 10:51pm · 1 person Loading... Alla Annoyed right... so each should take care of his and her own business and humble wait... Tuesday at 11:01pm Misael Paniagua ‎@Noah don't worry i was just saying that ur right sorry I use a lot of words to say little stuff :) Wednesday at 12:29am Misael Paniagua ‎@ jwnewsblog sorry I wasn't trying to offend anybody I just
    Think I was misunderstood im still trying to learn inglish I don't mean to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I did .... I wouldn't offend any of my brothers in pporpuse I apologise if I did Wednesday at 12:33am · 2 people Loading... Misael Paniagua I just read my comment.... Sorry brother Noah I didn't mean to put the "U" there sorry Wednesday at 12:35am JehovahsWitness NewsBlog Ok Misael, apology accepted...we love you... Wednesday at 1:08am · 3 people Loading... Misael Paniagua Thx for giving me peace of mind and again I apologize Wednesday at 1:13am Laura Villanueva Is soo crazy how this world is getting to avoid the importance of the message by only few people that pretend and went upon their on true that the organization say that armahgedom was coming but never gave a specific date, and wont since only Jah know the right time and place this girl Who was a witness might hapened that at 8 ... See More year old girl would know what's going on i know that cristian kids are so aware of the truth and what jehovah needs from them as well but at that time... the organization still radiating light...this girl is who ensure to be an ex witness has what ever can have in this world but us..have a eternal promise...but is important...that before they said the end was close, then around the corner, now is for sure that is in front of our doors....let wake up .... Wednesday at 2:26am · 3 people Loading... Abisail Castillo She is nothing more than a very much ignorant about what the Bible say and an instrument of the Devil to be used like an Apostate of the truth. Wednesday at 3:45am · 2 people Loading... Nat Crandall Sherri is an idiot. Wednesday at 4:29am Leka Ensenada she knows about Jehova's word and she knows very clear the she is not giving to God ,( "Let a rotten saying not proceed out of your mouth , but whatever saying is good for building up as the need may be , that it may impart what is favoreble to hearers.EPHESIANS 4:29"/ ''Surely on slippery ground is where you place them. you have made them fall to ruins . Psalms 73:18'') Wednesday at 7:08am · 1 person Loading... Leka Ensenada PUES SABE POR LO MENOS QUE SE ACERCA EL FIN DE ESTE SISTEMA DE COSAS PERO ES IMPRUDENTE . EFECIOS 5:15 " Esten firmes, por lo tanto , teniendolos lomos cenidos con VERDAD, y teniendo pesta la coraza de la justcia, 6:14 " Wednesday at 8:13am Andrea Hajduckova Keckesova she was raised as Jehovah witness,but she change her religion,when she got maried .....,but the year 1975 doesn't make any sence... Wednesday at 12:05pm Abisail Castillo The Watchtower never said such things about 1975 the slave said that we were entering to the real begining of the last days and finishing the 6000 years of Adam's creation by Jehovah and said,the armahgedom is to near to our eyes,never put a date of God,s war. Wednesday at 4:22pm · 1 person Loading... Damon Henderson Let us all recall that this was a time of " testing and shifting"...
    See Luke 22:31, also see the 1995 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses page 227 under the heading, "Testing and Sifting." In reference to 1975. Wednesday at 4:58pm · 2 people Loading... Jojo Ragadio Jojo Ragadio This lady who claimed to be a one time JW go tit all WRONG....i think she is a BIG TIME IMPOSTOR....JW never claimed that armageddon would come in 1975...OBVIOUSLY she does have her wonder SHE IS NO LONGER A JW...she makes me PUKE!!!!! Wednesday at 6:26pm Myrna Bayani von Oelhoffen ‎@Lorraine Catherine Barrie and everyone who loves Jehovah-be extremely careful of many sites that you visit. IS APOSTATE. 22 hours ago Myrna Bayani von Oelhoffen Apostates tend to seek out unwary Witnesses and engage them in dialogue.
    See "apostate, apostasy" : html 14 hours ago · 1 person Loading... Lorraine Catherine Barrie Dont know who comprised this 'dictionary' but love the Awake! definition. LOL. 10 hours ago · JehovahsWitness NewsBlog Lorraine Catherine Barrie is an apostate with no redeeming attributes in life except to appease the devil, & attack pure worship... 9 hours ago LaToya M Wilson how can she pay her bills 8 she was only 8 in 1975 . She is a big liar 6 hours ago Myrna Bayani von Oelhoffen ‎@JW News Blog-Thank you for the warning about Ms. Barrie-"apostate on deck". 14 minutes ago </form> Older Posts Facebook © 2010 · English (US) About · Advertising · Developers · Careers · Privacy · Terms · Help


    Those poor misled, lied to, brainwashed folks!

    Blow dryer, de-baptize, lol.

  • Confuzzled

    Somebody should go tattle to their elders that they are watching evil apostate material.

  • iknowall558
    iknowall558 octrine/prophecy/what-abou t-1975.html?q=197566k

    I posted this link and said....."You can see it all here"

    Of course.....Although the reality is, that the admin seems to be running scared of the quotes from their own literature......this is the reaction that came from that....

    "Lorraine Catherine Barrie is an apostate with NO REDEEMING QUALITITES IN LIFE except to appease the Devil, & attack pure worship.."

    I am more than willing to put up with the Judgement and Criticism, (although it makes me mad as hell), if person... reads the info and begins to research and question the org. and its teaching, then its more than worth it. I have posted this on FB etc to show people the reaction of JWs to anything that shows them up. The fear just takes them over.....and they actually begin to attack you PERSONALLY instead of intelligently trying to refute what you have said and putting forward a clear argument to defend their faith. In this case...I said nothing...but just posted a link. This was the reaction.....much more than a knee jerk reaction. This was based on emotion due to hitting a nerve. How on earth can JWs be petrified of the quotes in their own literature.....?

    They can talk...but it is a one way conversation. The minute you say anything, or show them anything contrary to that....they freak! They shut down , as they see it as unproductive. This is how they have been programmed to react. Sad and Frustrating!

    I got a lovely vid. posted onto my wall too before the admin. very bravely ran away and kicked me off the site. (sigh) I really dont know how I'm going to sleep tonight.

  • mrsjones5

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • InOregon

    That is the sad part about people that were not active around 1975. They think people who say 1975 was clearly spoken of as the end by JW's is bunk. Those of us that were around then, know how JW's were selling their possessions and looking for the end to come.

  • thetrueone

    Goes to show how many of todays JWS don't know what happened back then and the approaching year up to 1975.

    The biggest real lie set out by the WTS. was that its impossible to calculate the exact years back to Adams existence

    through the use of the bible or any other means. It was all a calculated lie to stir up the sales of the WTS.

    published literature. In other words a religious fraud. This fraud eventually cost the WTS. in members in the following years.

  • Invetigator74

    Their own literature says otherwise. Talking about damning evidence! lol

  • dinah

    I am one year older than Sherri Shepherd and I remember it. THEY DID "allude" to the end coming that year. Since they are "inspired" what the hell did they expect people to do?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I totally remember 1975 I was 11 going on 12. They did say the end was coming because for at least two years I thought when 1975 came Jehovah was going to kill me. It was horrible thinking that God wanted to kill me. The elders hated my parents and were always having my parents and my sister and I in the back room. I know, I know I was just a kid but the elders HATED and I mean HATED my parents. My parents were very dirty and smelled and they were quite disruptive coming in late and such. Honestly as a child I felt the elders had some reason to hate my parents. Hey I hated my parents as they were abusing me at that time but no elder ever said anything to them about abusing my sister and I. My parents did need to take a bath and be clean I was mortified by how my parents acted. They or I should say we got kicked out of many places, restaurants, even a doctor's office once so the elders really were somewhat right.

    So whenever the elders talked to my parents in the back room my parents made my sister and I go in the room with them. I was totally freaked out by the elders and then my parents would start yelling sometime one or more of the elders would also start yelling and I wanted to just disappear. It was hell.

    But I so remember that we were being taught that 1975 was the end, some of the friends quit going to the doctors one family did not go to the dentist and all their kids teeth were rotting. One brother bought new ties and called them is armageddon tires. Some did quit paying their bills. I remember it all. I thought for sure I would be dead. When 1975 came and went I did not know whether I should be happy or sad as living in my family was so horrible I kind of was hoping that Jehovah would do something.


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