I sent my thread without a post but could some on this board be ones at Bethel. Truly think about the fact that maybe it could be true.

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    The nutter apologists on here are at best "fringe" JWs that by other JWs would be considered as dodgy or that need help (in more ways than one). As said above any real JWs from bethel would be cringing from the "bad witness" given here by the so called JW's currently posting here.

    So no, to answer your point these are not bethel trolls. Bethel trolls would be more polite, direct and fair but would stick to the party line, it would be about "correcting" misunderstandings on proceedure or scriptural reasons for the upheld belief all done in a way that would try to be logical coherant and respectful and that didnt draw attention to the poster themselves.

    We see none of that with the current batch of loons on here.


  • wasblind

    "I could truly see him being Alice."

    I'm with you LITS, this could be part of their theocratic warfare.

    with all this destructive info flowing from this board, it could cost

    the WTS money in the long run. i wouldn't put it pass them we know they

    are telling the sheep not to come here, but are they doin' the same ? hell no

    they have to keep up with us, so they will know how deep we're cuttin' into them.

  • wasblind

    "I don't think AIW or some of the other newer nutsos are doing this but I used to wonder about "scholar". He only joined in on 607 vs 586/7 threads. "


    check out" Freeminds " alice /rachel was heavy into 607 vs 586.

    It made me suspicious why she did'nt jump on it as hard when she got here,

    i guess that's because scholar took up the slack.

  • wasblind


    please check out Freeminds , the similarity between alice/rachel and scholar are much too similar.

    look up all her post with her avatar, read 'em that's how i knew she was alice /rachel by her avatar, then she dissapeared

    from over there and i found out she was here spewing her poision. Yea, the WTS is doing theocratic warfare with this site

    and Freeminds because it's a threat to the organization

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    It's hard to say if the WTS would use Bethel spies on this site or not. The WTS preaches against visiting apostate internet sites, but the use of "spies" is a good strategy against your enemies. It would take a hardcore brainwashed Dub to be able to read all this expose of the WTS and not have it affect them. If the "spy" ever defected from the WTS and this became know it would be another blackmark of dishonesty. If I was in charge, I would definately have lurkers gathering info and what the apostate issues are in order to put more of a positive spin on it to those still faithful to the WT Organization.

    I don't think Titus, Alice or Bane is involved in WT espionage. They are just misguided JW's.

    Think About It


    One of our posters"Mouthy" was outright told by a person from Bethel..

    Bethel reads this site..

    Posters have ended up in JC meetings,from posting too much personal information here..

    Do we have posters here from Bethel?..

    My experience here is..

    Anything is possible..Watch your Ass..Not everyone who posts,is your friend..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • TD

    YES they monitor this site. NO they don't actually post here

    There was one exception years ago. There was a participant here who was someone of note at 'Bethel.'

  • OnTheWayOut
    ...and maybe I am being paranoid but why would there be ones like Alice and Titus?

    I haven't really followed them and I am not at all familiar with Titus, but people like Alice are not from Bethel.
    Anyone assigned such a task as interacting would soon be an ex-JW. Alice is almost certainly a person like Travis (if not actually Travis) who have a desire to gather attention by being controversial and upsetting. If the person is not actually a teenager or pre-teen, then it is a juvenile adult.

    They do their things for their own stupid reasons. They are not Bethelites or pioneers or elders or the like. They are trolls and we should not feed the trolls very often. It is hard and each of us may dip into feeding them every now and again, but we should stop at the "every now and again."

    As far as Bethel monitoring the site, I imagine they have their hands full with youtube and videos and don't really monitor much. That said, of course some of them come here to see what we are saying sometimes. We should be cautious about revealing personal information if that is important to us. Even if Bethel is not monitoring us, the trolls are. Nobody wants weirdos showing up at their door. That said, I cannot be so paranoid as to give it more than a first thought and move on. I assume that the only ones that Bethel would reveal themselves to catch would be big fish in the pond. I am a small fish as most of us are. I am certain that my local elders would be terrified to read this site and it would go against directions from Mother as they would soon leave WTS as I did. So Bethel doesn't have me in their sites.

    As far as YOU, LITS- I doubt it. But I also doubt that I could ease your feelings on that with anything I say. You probably think they are out to get you. I doubt it, but after your escapades with the local elders and WTS, I do feel they will look for ammunition to DA you. It will probably be an excerpt from one of your letters or they will exaggerate what you said to some of the elders. Either way, if they want you they got you. So stop worrying about it.

  • gubberningbody

    Yes, TD, this is a belief you claim to have, however do you have a true justified belief in this case?

  • TD

    Which statement gubberningbody? I made three

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