I sent my thread without a post but could some on this board be ones at Bethel. Truly think about the fact that maybe it could be true.

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Sorry this just got sent without my thread being typed. But could some of those who high jack threads be ones at Bethel. After talking with Flipper and Mrs. Flipper yesterday I started to think that maybe it could be true.

    They could not use a young brother from Bethel because one day on this board and he would be out the door he would leave the truth. So use older guys like the one who spoke to me yesterday, he is not going anywhere. He has been so condescending to me and put down. He asked me flat out yesterday if I have ever seen the child molester molest children. Really he truly asked me that. He speaks like I am a child to him. "Sister LITS you have a good day and know Jehovah LOOOVES you" but it is like he is talking to the most simple minded person he has spoken to in a long time when he speaks to me. You truly have to hear him. Flipper has and he can verify it.

    I could truly see him being Alice. I mean if they monitor this board and think I think they might they would have to use someone who knows it is all a lie and yet will not leave. This guy I spoke to yesterday will never leave he has been there for over 40 years or such he is about in his mid 60 to early 70's so he is not going anywhere. I am sure he knows it is all a lie, I have spoken to him many times he knows what I am saying is true but where is he going to go if he leave Bethel, who is going to give him a job where will him and his wife live when their whole lives have been Bethel? So he is stuck at Bethel. If ones like him monitor this board and other boards like it why not have fun with it and derail the horrible subject of child abuse.

    I think that there some truth about them monitoring such boards as this because of the pioneer hours. They truly were thinking making them 50 hours a month and they did not do it. I heard it in the congregation among the friends not just on this board and then it did not happen. Why? Could it be that they planted the rumor to see what board like this would do with it?
    OK I have to get to work and maybe I am being paranoid but why would there be ones like Alice and Titus? It makes no sense unless they are sitting wasting their time and playing mind game with us. Like Titus saying he is from another country and he does not know English well, it does not make sense.


  • snowbird

    There is a distinct possibility of this, LITS.

    I wouldn't put anything past WTBTS.


  • gubberningbody
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't think it is likely but I think it is possible. The Borg is too paranoid to allow any of their people to come here. They don't face issues, they avoid them.

  • Soldier77

    I think it is a possibility, anyone can sign up and become a member to this site so one can never really know who is behind the computer. You can figure out who is definitely sincere and not sneaky though.

    I mean with the amount of warnings in the publications on internet use and apostate sites being mentioned, it's pretty obvious they know what's being said and the amount of people claiming to still be "in" and yet participating on sites like this. Makes them squirm in their seats when they read comments from "active" ones and they can't do a damn thing. At least they can't do anything without personal info.

    Brings a smile to my face when I think about that.

  • quietlyleaving

    personally I don't think this board is being monitored by bethel - too many disfellowshipped people here, so you are safe. However if you are intending to take legal action it is best to stay out of the limelight just in case. If large amounts of monetary losses are involved I can understand the WTS deciding to check this site.

  • undercover
    But could some of those who high jack threads be ones at Bethel

    The possibility exists, but I kinda doubt that it happens.

    Another possibility exists: That some "apologist" posters are just playing the role of apologist, trying to use JWthink and JWspeak to encourage people to engage them in debate and shoot them down. A selfless act of being martyred for the good cause of showing up the untruthfullness of the WT doctrine.

    I don't think AIW or some of the other newer nutsos are doing this but I used to wonder about "scholar". He only joined in on 607 vs 586/7 threads. His arguments were consistently destroyed by others yet he kept coming back. And some of his posts were so lame that anyone of his supposed intelligiance and education (if they were honest with themselves) would have to see the illogic of their own argument. I began to wonder if he was just taking the WT side in order to bring out the posters who could debunk the WT doctrine with ease.

  • besty

    they can never win the Internet war at massive scale - they gave up almost as soon as the Internet became widespread, hence the warnings to avoid sites like these - if they thought they had a snowballs chance in hell of being 'right', then they would have encouraged their members to be proactive on the Internet. Anybody recall seeing the KM Question Box - Defending Your Faith On The Internet - Why Its A Good Idea. - thought not.

    the Internet is a distributed resource, not centralized. Meaning that to win an information war you need to engage at the grassroots level, and everybody gets involved - this is war after all.

    instead, the WTS retreated from the battlefield and all we get are wannabe mavericks who lie, cry and deny their way through most threads - disobeying mother first by even being here and then defending her for all they are worth.....laughable really

    thats why education <not intervention or direct action, IMHO> is our best ally.

    the doctrinal battle was lost a long time ago and the WTS strategy amounts to 'don't look at the little man behind the curtain' - yes they can preach to their 7 million choir - but JWN, freeminds, jwfacts and an army of other websites educate the other 7 billion.

    Cost to us - a bit of time and effort, effectively zero.

    Cost to them - well - moving out of Brooklyn is a story not yet fully told.

  • nelly136

    i think if they did, they would at least want to give a good stereotypical impression of jws, and not

    the impression their current ambassadors are giving.

    i'm with soldier....if there are any bethelites watching they're probably pulling their hair out at the 'jw' antics lol,

    and i would imagine they would be more interested in catching up with those than worrying about us.

  • Violia

    I think a rouge individual could do this. The Wts would probably be glad to use whatever info they were given , but I agree with another poster- they tend to avoid things not confront them. During the mid 90's when the net was just really getting going ( think AOL) there was a bro passing around a list of email address's of known apostates on the net. I doubt the elders told him to do that -he just did it himself. I once was in possession of that list but it's gone now. How fun that would be to be able to post that. He'd have been on his own if he got caught.

    Agree with above posters, no real jws would be here on this or any other jw/xjws discussion board.( unless they already had serious doubts about the org ).

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