I sent my thread without a post but could some on this board be ones at Bethel. Truly think about the fact that maybe it could be true.

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  • flipper

    LITS- I think some at Bethel may read this site- but those would be JW's who are having doubts within Bethel. I know some have mentioned on other threads they have connections in getting information from lurking Bethelites. However - that being said- I highly doubt the WT society is sending secret agents over here to bust people. First of all , in most cases they can't identify anybody due to the scret avatars and fictitious names. And the only time ANYONE at Bethel could have access to the " private section " is if they joined the board.

    OUTLAW is right- if you post on the " friends " section personal information - perhaps lurking JW's could put two and two together to identify someone by chance- but even still- it's a REMOTE chance. So caution is needed to some extent. However because JW's are instructed they;ll turn into a " pillar of salt " and become Devil worshipers if they come on here - most active JW's would NEVER come on here- unless they are having doubts already. Their sappy consciences which are mind controlled- won't allow them to.

    So- Don't get TOO paranoid. Don't go overkill on paranoia. The JW cult created that instinct in us I believe as we were always being watched by elders as to whether we were good boys or bad boys or good girls or bad girls. If you think TOO MUCH about it- it will drive you crazy. Learn to enjoy your freedom of mind my friend. Your fear will dissipate in time, believe me

  • GLTirebiter

    Watchtower spies really would get little benefit from coming on here and playing the part of a troll or troublemaker. That puts the rest of the forum on guard. They won't learn much they wouldn't have otherwise and also create a bad impression for the very ones they want to reach: the "spiritually weak" lurkers who say little if anything, but are listening attentively. I'd call it the "James Bond fallacy": If you want to be an effective secret agent, you avoid calling attention to yourself!

    They have more to gain from passive monitoring, finding out what the hot topics the doubters and opposers are discussing so they can publish articles steering the faithful away from the latest "apostacy". They will also find a clue that would help them identify "double agents", playing the part of an elder or MS while quietly holding doubts about the organization. Those who go along for appearance's sake to keep peace in their families should be especially careful about what they say. The organization wants rid itself of such "uncleanness", and a little detail here combined with a casual comment there goes a long way towards identifying you.

  • ziddina

    "i wouldn't put it pass them we know they are telling the sheep not to come here, but are they doin' the same ? hell no..."

    I agree with WasBlind. Since the WTBTS shows such flagrant dishonesty in discouraging college educations, yet pays for certain sons of certain high-ranking JWs to obtain legal degrees; since the WTBTS denigrates, shuns and isolates those leaving the religion, yet prints up an "Awake!" magazine with an article titled "Is It Wrong to Change Your Religion?"; since the WTBTS frequently 'invades' the sanctity of a married-couple's bedroom, yet turns an absolutely blind eye to the many cases of pedophilia within its ranks - and especially within the ranks of the elders...

    Hypocrisy and dishonesty are integral parts of the Watchtower Society's mentality. I suspect that there probably is some sort of "apostate-site" monitoring committee, buried deep within the bowels of the WTBTS organization.

    Obviously, the existence of such a committee wouldn't be known to the average JW or general Bethelite...

    I know of a way to TEST my theory, too... But it would require a 'sacrifice', and I won't mention my idea publically... It would have to be PM'd, and only to regular members of the board...

    Sheesh... Now I"M being paranoid... But there are SEVERAL ways to test whether WTBTS Headquarters is monitoring such sites as these...


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