Just talked to a brother in the service department and he hung up on me!

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  • Mary
    So today I asked this brother flat out how we are better then the Catholic's he said because we do not have child molesters as overseers of the flock like the Catholic's do.

    Riiight. Not one single elder has ever molested a child in their care eh? How, pray tell would he explain the following cases then:








    "The WBT$ has been sued multiple times,because of the pedophile problem and had never been proved guilty.."

    What planet are you from? Crooklyn settled multiple cases out of court in 2007 because they knew full well that they had been covering this shit up for decades and would be found guilty if it went to trial. They admitted as much on their website. Get your head out of your ass and try reading something besides Watchtower and Awake ragazines.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    The WTS only started recommending elders report pedophiles according to their state law, when they got exposed for covering it up. If not for that, they would still be covering this shit up. It was the same old protect the WTS at all costs BS.

    Even now, every time a pedophile thread is started some JW's on here will start defending the WTS. The WTS was guilty and settled the cases out of court, because acting in the dark is what they do. They are Masters of decit who could still lie and claim innocence, because the cases were settled out of court.

    P.S. Wasn't there some molestation accusations against at least 1 WTS GB member?

    Think About It

  • coffee_black

    Then it is the problem of police and of the law of your state. Don't blame Jehovah's Witnesses for that!

    Then the elders should have no problem with her informing the parents of innocent children within the cong. Any children at risk should be protected, and if the parents don't know about it because the elders keep it confidential.... how are they supposed to protect their children? Elders don't want jws to report pedophiles to the police. If someone in the cong. reports the crime to the police, they are at risk of being disfellowshipped themselves.


  • Twitch

    It would be logical that if the allegations were untrue and the WTBS were indeed gods voice on earth, they would've gone to trial with nothing to fear. The fact they didn't tells you what exactly? What were they afraid of?

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    In our time, rape is also a major crime with severe penalties. The victim has every right to report the matter to the police. In this way the proper authorities can punish the offender.

    And if the victim is a minor, the parents may want to initiate these actions.

    If the Borg really cared about victims this would read:
    .....If the victim is a minor, parents should initiate these actions immediately.


  • wasblind

    "I have written many, many letters begging for help ''

    I haven't read through all of the post so i hope i'm not

    repeating anyone, If possible keep copies of all of your

    letters, because if this molester strike, maybe with your

    help the WTS can be held responsible because they had

    been warned. And scince the Elders are independant

    agents they themselves need to be ready to pay out big bucks

    from their own pockets

  • flipper

    O.K. Folks - Just got off the phone with LITS and she wanted me to express much thanks for the support you folks have given her in your replies on the thread.

    PALMTREE - LITS is working late so she requested of me to post her reply to your question earlier " What does she hope to accomplish ? "

    Her reply was that she wants to influence the WT society to put in force a policy to prohibit former child molesters or registered sex offenders from going in the door to door preaching work at all , ever. And if they want to do ANY kind of preaching- require these offenders to ONLY do letter writing or telephone witnessing. And - If they get a return visit with a minor child- be required to IMMEDIATELY turn it over to an elder or MS. So her message has been sent to you !

    Also - For everyone else - LITS wanted me to post this information due to her working late tonight. She wanted me to advise you she has legal documents regarding EVERYTHING about the pedophile's criminal past in her congregation . Also - For her own personal use she has taped recordings from last year of her talking on the phone to this same Bethel legal rep she talked to today. Basically for her own protection if anything ever came up. She doesn't plan to do anything with them in a public way - but has them for her own use. She also suspected that the WT legal rep may have been recording their phone conversation himself today. She heard some kind of clicking noises or delays going on in conversation.

    Even my wife Mrs. Flipper called Bethel today in support of LITS telling the rep that the elders in her congregation are not taking the pedophile seriously enough as he served 10 years hard time in prison for his offenses and has been clinically diagnosed as a dangerous sexual psychopath. He has already at times tried to follow LITS in his car stalking her to some extent. So my wife told the WT society rep - " You better get looking into this because I'm concerned for my friends well-being and life ! " The WT rep said he would look into it. We shall see about that. Anyway- I'm proud of my wife and proud of LITS for standing up for children's best interests. The more noise other people make about this issue- WT will be forced to at least acknowledge it - in due time. Whenever THAT may be.

    Anyway- Once again, she really appreciates you folks and the support ! I told her we have a bunch of great people here and they care. So thanks again

  • palmtree67

    Lady Lee:

    Now there is no "proof" because the WTS makes sure there is no proof to be had. It is easy to quote a WT-published rule that "parents may" choose to go to the police.

    I believe you have hit on one of the biggest problems. What they publish as their official policy, is not really what goes on. They may say it's okay to go the authorities, but in reality, you are discouraged from doing so.

    When I went to the police about the harrassment I was undergoing, there was much debate amongst the elders about whether I should have gone to the police or not. Most did not like "Jehovah's name being drug through the courts."

    I couldn't understand why there was a debate at all - what they were doing was against the law. It had nothing to do with the cong.

  • mrsjones5

    the accusers are not small children.

    Because the molestations happened when they were small children and does that really matter? Are you going back to your arguement that small children are not to be trusted?

  • truthseekeriam

    Life is Too short,

    Thank you, thank you and thank you!!

    From someone who has had to deal with the pain and heartbeak of my child being molested by a fellow JW, I really appreciate what you are trying to do.

    I have the painful memories of knowing her molester was out on bail attending every meeting and going out on sevice as I couldn't even go out of the house becuause I was so depressed.

    It just isn't right!!

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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