Just talked to a brother in the service department and he hung up on me!

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  • Soldier77

    LITS, hang in there, I know the rage that you're feeling, well at least similarly, as I've been through the abuse and been shut down by the WTBS because of the "two witness" rule.

    That took courage to call the service desk and you should be commended. If they DF you or decide to call it DA, whatever, at least you can live with yourself and sleep at night. You have every right to feel the way you do.

  • yknot

    Since this is a matter of registration laws not encompassing his crimes......why not contact your state representative.

    Have you spoken to a criminalist on expectation of repeat offending based on his records?

    Just make copies of the court transcripts, privately circulate them to those with children or occassionally attending children (like grandkids)

    The law currently is on his side, your state recognizes him to have served his time.


    Have you talked to the man personally?

  • wannabefree
    So wannabefree would you put your child in his care?

    No. I am not putting you down for what you did, I applaud you for your tenacity, I just am not surprised by the results.

  • straightshooter

    It is sad that the only control the WTS says they have over child molesters is that they will not ever serve as elders or ms.

    The potential harm to the cong and community is great and God will hold the WTS responsible.

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I'm sorry that Bethel legal rep treated you so disrespectfully - but of course having talked with him before you remember how he treated you in a condescending way previously. My wife and I even listened to your previous conversations with him you sent us. This guy has no principles , no morals, or any ethics. He is just copying the example and following his errant leaders in the WT society above him. Saying things to you that WT corporate attorneys are TELLING him to say . Essentially for their own legal backside. So , in a way I'm sure it didn't TOTALLY surprise you about his attitude. The guy is just a tool of the WT. He's as mind controlled as the rest of them.

    He's a nobody. Don't concern yourself about him too much. Even IF they called the elders in your congregation- what are they gonna tell them ? That you were being honest ? Just telling them the truth how they accuse the Catholics about similar crimes that they, the WT society allow and cover over ? You didn't DO anything to get DFed for. I don't think your local elders will touch you . You are " spiritual napalm " to them and their sanctimonious elders positions. Even if the WT society at Bethel might not care if you go public about the child abuse problem - I'm willing to wager your LOCAL elders do NOT want it brought out in your geographical area in local news. Because they are hiding something. Something they don't even want BETHEL to be aware of . You and I both know it. And as regards reading on THIS board- I doubt the elders woul do that. No way of identifying you unless your JW husband ratted you out to them. So in time you'll need to see which side of the fence HIS loyalties lie. With you or the WT organization.

    Hang in there my friend keep your chin up . We all care here. Things will get better for you. I would recommend now that you've said your piece and spoken your mind to Bethel- to just lay low and not wate your time with them anymore. It's exerting more of your energy which will drain you emotionally in a negative way . Perhaps it's time to focus in moving ahead and away from them in a positive way. Just a thought. My 2 cents

  • leavingwt
    But we really do everything to protect children.


  • Soldier77
    And we don't protect those who do such disgusting things!

    Titus, you say this. So I will also quote this statement that you also made:


    Yes, truly, prove that the society is NOT protecting pedophiles.

  • leavingwt

    Children are in danger, now. The "Two Witness" rule puts all JW children in danger. If allegations come from a single individual, and the accused denies the allegation, the parents are forbidden (under the threat of being DF'd) from warning other parents.

  • leavingwt

    Titus -- We could all compile a lengthy list of what we hate. This is a red herring. Respectfully, perhaps you do not yet understand the nature of the exact problem within the JW congregations. Specifically, do you think the 'Two Rule' standard places innocent children at risk?

  • palmtree67

    Life Is Too Short is my friend and a dear, sweet person.

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