Just talked to a brother in the service department and he hung up on me!

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  • finallyfree!

    Yep, that's typical elder behaviour. Talk shit, wait for you to tell em their full of it, then trap you into a jc and diff you for apostasy, causing divisions and slander. I agree titus, I think ur a bit too quick to judge my friend. Unless you have lived or know someone personally who has lived the pedophile in the congregation you don't know what its like the "body" of power hungry men with their own personal agendas ( I've known an ms who up and moved to a foreign country to serve where the need was greater because he could get promoted to an elder as their was a need. He wasn't getting upped here in north america so he decided to split. Hard to believe but I've never ceased to be surprised by the jw elders and their behaviour towards "the flock". Good luck!!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I wouldn't take anything on jw-media.com as any kind of official policy for the Watchtower organization. I would guess that 90% of Witnesses have never even heard of this site. And I have yet to see any of their printed publications make any kind of reference to it.

    It's a propaganda site, pure and simple.

    The only organization that is blamed for abuse that goes on outside the organization itself is Jehovah's Organization.

    Another one of WT apologists favorite straw men. No one is blaming the Watchtower for the abuse, but for the way they attempt to COVER IT UP. Which of course makes it easier for the abuser to continue molesting.

    Ok I missed the other obvious mistake in that sentence. I don't think any organization of Jehovah's is in trouble. I think the Watchtower Society may be in trouble, but I am quite confident they are not in any way shape or form "Jehovah's" organization.

    Where exactly was this speech given? By whom?

    No Apologies

  • jamiebowers

    LITS, have you contacted Barbara Anderson or Bill Bowen about this matter? They are highly skilled at dealing with the authorities and the press and may be able to help you. In the meantime, please take comfort in the fact that you've done everything you can do to protect the children in the congregation and in your community.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I don't know what state this person is in but in California the Sex Reg law was retroactive. Where is this person supposed to be?

  • GLTirebiter
    When clergymen are ordained, they take an oath of secrecy that complicates the epidemic of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

    The Wikipedia article linked in your post contradicts this statement.

    The "oath of secrecy" is not at ordination as you claimed. It is limited to only the Canon Law trial, protecting the identities of both the accuser and the accused. Furthermore, unlike a Watchtower JC, "These matters are confidential only to the procedures within the Church, but do not preclude in any way for these matters to be brought to civil authorities for proper legal adjudication. The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, revised June 2005, approved by the Vatican, requires that credible allegations of sexual abuse of children be reported to legal authorities." No ifs, ands, buts, or "two witness" rule; only a credible allegation is necessary (i.e. probable cause).

    When a trial results in a conviction the penalty is publicly visible, so the offender is publicly exposed as being guilty even though the details are not public. "These penalties, such as suspension a divinis, deprivation of an office or rank, and reduction to the lay state, were of public character, even if the trial itself had been conducted with all due secrecy." The accuser's identity remains protected, the same as in a civil trial.

  • TheOldHippie

    Can someone direct me Flipper's story about rushing to the podium and telling there was an abuser in the KH? I am asking because that is what I am planning to do - the point is, a convicted refugee abuser who is NOT a JW has started showing fake interest in becoming a JW in order not to be expelled from the country, and when/if he turns up I am going to do exactly that - loudly warning the others. So please direct me to the story in question.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I just got home from work and have read this thread. I am amazed by the kindness of Flipper, Palmtree, Lady Lee and well so many. I will not read Alice's or as Palmtree calls Alice it, it's thread. I have been too hurt in my life to allow such a horrible thing as Alice to invade my mind with its stupid words.

    To answer so questions, Palmtree thank you so much for your kind words. I did lay out very clearly to Bethel that I did not feel that pedophiles should not be in the "truth" just that they should not be around children. I clearly told him that yes they can find God, Jehovah but stay the hell away from children. Do not hold children, be alone with children go door to door they can do letter writing, or telephone witnessing. In my hall the sexual psychopath and his wife held a baby shower now tell me that makes sense. I could go on and on with the stupid things the elders have allowed to happen.

    Wasblind I have saved everything all the written letters and emails. I even got back two letters from GB member Samuel Herd marked return to sender. The reporter has copies of all of this and he is just blown away. Not only will they not stop the child molesters but they will not even look at the court and police records I have. Amazing! When I first got the court records I was so relieved thinking stupidly that the elders would for sure believe me with such proof. None of the elders would take a copy they just got mad. The PO did take a copy though I doubt he read it. After awhile I got the nerve to send the copies of the court and when I got them the police records. This guy is truly scary.

    Thruthseekeiam I love this saying "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) This is why I am fighting because of this saying.

    Jamie bowers Yes Barbara Anderson is well aware of this and what I have been going through. She might not approve of my posting so much info and I think she is probably right but I have done it and there is no going back now. Bill Bowen was horrible to deal with. Totally rude to me. I was so blown away in how rude he treated me, I asked him for help in contacting Barbara and he totally would not help me. Told me to chill and get a life. Whatever I want nothing to do with him. Sorry but victims do not need to be treated like Bill treated me, it really hurt.

    Zid Thank you thank you for standing up for me your points were spot on. I really liked this one Look at it this way... What if you heard that the Catholic Church was going to be taken to trial due to allegations of acts of pedophilia directed against children, by the priests??? I know Catholic's who when they first started were just paid off so they would not go to court. It took many brave people who said I do not care about money or anything but I want this to STOP. They wanted it to go to trail and would not be bought off. That is what got it into the public's view. The problem with us is the Alice's and Titus's of the world the stupid ones who just talk with out any mind working. They make the victims so much worse and for what to protect the Catholic Church or in Alice's case to protect the elders at the price of children? I just cannot wrap my mind around that kid of thinking but I know many Catholic's that say why cannot the victims just go away it happened years ago. The victims are just out for money. I want child molesters STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it takes more than one voice to make that happen as we can see from the Catholic's.

    Flipper's wife thank you so much for calling Bethel today. The guy is a freaking nut case truly. I knew when I started this he could harm me. I would put nothing past him. I sent a copy of his police and court records to Flipper so they know I am not making this up the guy is truly scary. But knowing the pain of abuse wanting to try suicide myself at times when I get so depressed from my abuse how could I not stand up knowing some child would suffer my pain. I just cannot allow that if I can help it.

    Well it is really late and I am totally wiped. Thanks again also I for to thank out law you were great thanks.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am sorry I also forgot to add that filpper told me Alice wanted to know what the name of my hall was. It truly makes me wonder if it (Alice) is not at Bethel. What a strange question to ask otherwise. I know when we were at Bethel there were some really strange people there. Maybe they do read this board and that was why Titus and Alice jumped on maybe both are Bethelites.

    I would put nothing past Bethel. I know the brother I spoke to today has in the past really put me down with his words. He has spoken to me like I was a simple minded child. Maybe he is Alice who knows, I truly would not put it past them at Bethel to do that and if I were stupid enough to give him the name of my hall well that would just play into his hands.

    Just my take on Alice. Also my guess is it his a guy not a woman.


  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Isn't weird in these baseless stories; how adult parents will subject their children to cruel and unusual punishment at the beck and call of an elder when the local authorities are a phone call away. So who was the perp if it wasn't a parent? If it was the maintenance man (for example) why did the parents go to the elders?

    Not weird at all in the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. That's the way the cult operates when the molester is a JW. Report child molestation to the elders, then have them work to keep it quite to not bring reproach on the organization. Only since the publicity of the pedophile scandals has the WTS given more direction to elders to only report to authorities if state law requiries it. Still the WTS is flawed in how they handle pedophiles and allow them to be around children.

    Here's a YouTube of the NBC expose of the pedophile issue, unless you've already seen it and blinded your eyes to the whole thing.


    Think About It

  • CuriousButterfly

    To add my thoughts on the original poster.

    I feel it is an OBLIGATION of ANY person/human being to report child molestation to the police. If I ever got wind of a molester in the KH I would let everyone know. I would probably get into some hot water but it would be worth it to save a child. I could never live with myself knowing someone so dangerous was associating in the congregation.

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