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  • Soldier77

    hmmm... I wouldn't go man. Sounds like a set up. Especially if you know the rest that were invited, if they're "active" and "loyal" I would watch your 6.

  • wasblind

    Hey, i thought they quit group meetings at individual homes

    and anything not ok'ed by the WTS was a no no. what changed ?

  • Soldier77
    Hey, i thought they quit group meetings at individual homes and anything not ok'ed by the WTS was a no no. what changed ?

    Independant elders acting independantly? But yeah, that is not a F&DS sponsored activity.

  • bamse

    When porn is mentioned, maybe you can ask how many who have got porn in there Internet bank? Like Awake said some time ago.

    Also mention that China also censure the Internet to protect the people from porn. Don't forget to mention that they say it is the only reason.

  • XPeterX

    Meeting is about this matter but also to 'enjoy christian company'.I know it's a set up by the elders they try to make everyone feel guilty for being on facebook but I ain't gonna feel sh*t dude.

  • brotherdan

    Yeah, don't let em get to you Peter.

  • dannyboy

    Tell 'em you'll Twitter it and post it on Facebook, so nobody will miss......

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Peter........go ONLY if that's what you want to do. You are old enough to be on the internet/Facebook/etc. if you want without people who are not even your parents trying to censor you. It is ridiculous to call up a 20yo man and tell him let's meet and discuss the dangers of the internet. How about we meet and discuss the dangers of a mind control cult?

    Think About It

  • monkeyman

    Peter, listen up.......................Nothing good ever happens when meeting with elders. Let me repeat.......Nothing good ever happens when meeting with the elders. Anything you divulge will be used against you.

    Youre right, they didnt call to see how you are and concern for your well being. So then, why the call? Answer? They are looking for someone or something to deal with judicially. That's what they are trained to do.

    Why the large group? Who are the other "older men"? What makes them qualified for such a meeting? Somethings up and it smells like a rat.

  • flipper

    PETER- I agree with other posters who say something is up with these elders. " Encourage christian company " my a$$ . These guys are after information from you and put the hot poker stick to your rear end . The best scenario would be to bow out and not attend - however if you are living with your parents- and they insist you attend or they'll kick you out of the house- then just don't say ANYTHING that would cause yourself trouble or make them suscpicious. Take the 5th amendment and keep the pie hole quiet. Good luck. Let us know what happens . We'll be here for you

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