For Perry: There was no global flood, so stop looking for Noah's Ark

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    If you were married to only one wife and you had kids pop out that were African, Oriental, and Caucasian would you question the Milkman

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    Specifically, a global flood taking out all humanity except for 8 people...who happened to build a big boat, and kept a biological reserve for all animal life on the planet, and subsequently repopulated the species...around 4500 years ago.
    I maintain that this did not happen. If there had been a global catatrophe of this scale, the geological evidence would be undeniable.
    There was a large meteor impact millions of years ago. How do we know? Convincing geological evidence.
    Thousands of years ago, much of the northern hemisphere was covered in ice sheets. How do we know? Convincing geological evidence.
    Now, a global flood? No geological evidence. No paleontological evidence. No genetic evidence. No archeological evidence.
    Other than an account in Genesis, there is no evidence.
    On the contrary, all available evidence points to nothing like this happening. We have wide species diversity across continents. We don't see genetic bottlenecks in the vast majority of species dating to that time, nor in humans. We have evidence of human beings with uninterrupted culture on every continent at that time.
    So what is your evidence? Such a vast catastrophe taking place so recently would leave undeniable evidence.

    That is a very eloquent and concise rebuttal to the, "God did it" explanation. Thank you.

  • BurnTheShips

    Here is a thought, Perry:

    What about the ice caps?

    We drill cores in the ice caps that reveal data going back hundreds of thousands of years. We can tell a lot about climate, and the composition of the atmosphere, from these ice cores. They are like tree rings, recording every year's snowfall.

    They are an amazing record.

    Had the ice caps been covered in water 4500 years ago, wouldn't it have left a mark?

    What's your theory?



    BTS - tread carefully.

    My earliest doubts about the bible started with the implausibility of the Flood & Noah and the ark. Next the story of Adam & Eve. Finally I saw through the idea of a Jewish carpenter being God on earth.

    One by one I Burnt Every Ship until there was no where to go. I accepted that was an earth bound human.

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    Gladiator, I've long trodden here.

    I look for truth, and will go where it takes me.

    I will see you on the sands.


  • BurnTheShips

    Where is Perry? Does the King James Bible clear this problem up?


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    What about the ice caps?

    A Satanic ploy to weaken your faith, obviously.

    Satan built fake icecaps & made them look old.

  • Perry
    Perry, this thread isn't about my faith.


    Well of course you didn't start this thread to discuss you faith, you started it to discuss mine. I don't really know how to interpret all the empirical evidence that is pro and con noah's flood. Especially since the Climate global deception scandal, it makes it harder to accept "science" as reliable.

    But you don't have this problem. You claim to accept both the words of God and the words of men. It either did or did not happen. Your assumption that this is just a learning parable doesn't hold up when the various sources and the totality of references are examined.

    Either God is a liar or some people are. I don't see a middle ground here. Others see it differently. But, I can't see a compromise here.

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    I don't see how God could be involved with the Flood story. Having his name attached to the story, does not mean He really did it. Human DNA should all point to a small bottleneck of people, but it doesn't. Climatologists have drilled cores from the bottom of Arctic lakes and have found 10,000+ years of unbroken yearly spring sediment layers- way past the alleged date of the flood of Noah. I learned of that trick from Dr Richard Alley of Penn State Univ. when I called him in 1995 to talk about his Greenland Ice core field trip. He was very kind to me and spent almost an hour discussing the scientific methodology behind the ice core project. They had not reached the bottom of the glacier yet, but they had gone past 50,000 years of climate stored in the ice cores. I spent some time following his team over the years and have never doubted the science behind their work. I find it interesting that religionists who poo-poo the work of these scientists never bother to investigate their work for themselves. Most of these scientists are willing to talk to a layman about their work and it's very easy today to get their email or phone number from the University they work for.

  • BurnTheShips

    Perry, this thread is about a literal Flood, which you happen to believe in.

    If you believe it because you believe it, that is one thing.

    But to try to dress it up in fake science is dishonest.

    To simply say you believe it is more respectable, but to use pseudoscience is not.


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