For Perry: There was no global flood, so stop looking for Noah's Ark

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    You must go one the assumption that the words of Matthew 24 were actually spoken by a young Jewish man in the 1st Century living in Palestine. Without the originals, and knowing the early Bishops edited, added texts and dialogue and snipped here and there you have a basic issue of belief versus academic and archeological criticisms. You believe the story contained in certain manuscripts for the 4th century on. We understand, we did to. Trying to promote and convert people to the Baptist mindset isn't a good idea. If you want to promote the Golden Rule you would find more in agreement.

    I think it was Justin Martyr who talked about not getting hung up on the Filioque and miss doing good to your fellow humans each day.

    Do a little good each day, we'll leave this world a better place.

  • Perry

    A person doesn't need to hang their brain at the door while doing a little good each day, I think you'll agree.

    Biblical manuscripts enjoy a virrtual 100% agreement when the less than 1% Alexandrian manuscripts are ignored. That is a fact. No matter how bad you want it, you can't change that fact. Repeating otherwise for eternity will not change that fact as well.

    And yes, copies of the NT reach back nearly to the times of the apostles and some think may even be original. So, where are these mysterious redactors you talk about?

    But, you already know all this because I have shown it to you before. Yet, you persist in your imaginations. What do you get out of that?

  • moshe
    So are all these people liars? What about Jesus? Is he a liar too?

    When Jesus suposedly spoke those words in Matt 24:36-40, lying to the north of him about 2000 miles, was a dead man, Oetzi, the iceman mummy- frozen in ice on top of a mountain. He had died and been frozen over 3000 years before Jesus spoke his words about the flood of Noah. Jesus was unaware that the flood of Noah had never covered that mountain or melted the ice and washed his body away. I don't think Jesus was making up a deliberate whopper (in this case), but merely repeating what he had heard from the Jewish oral history. A real son of God would have know about Oetzi. Come to think of it, Jesus never told us anything that proved he had supernatural knowledge. He should have told the Jews to move where they could have found--Oil!


    Are any of the usual antagonists going to run their mouth off about the long copy-and-paste? According to the Genesis account there was an expanse about the earth, and in this expanse there was a dense layer of water suspended in the atmosphere and remained there from the second “day” of creation until the Flood.

    And God went on to say: “Let an expanse come to be in between the waters and let a dividing occur between the waters and the waters.” Then God proceeded to make the expanse and to make a division between the waters that should be beneath the expanse and the waters that should be above the expanse. And it came to be so. And God began to call the expanse Heaven. And there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a second day. Genesis 1:6-8

    “All the springs of the vast watery deep were broken open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.” (Ge 7:11)

    There were likely much better environmental conditions before the release of these waters.

  • Perry


    Well, then you better hurry and go tell Burn the Ships, because he might think Jesus was God who told untruths!

  • Perry

    Hi Alice,

    You might also enjoy reading about another very old theory that predates Darwin called Gap Theory. It is a literal and fundamental model that allows for an old earth and newer creation.

  • doofdaddy

    I always used to squirm as a witness when the expanse argument was used to explain water in the atmosphere. It is patently clear that the expanse is the distance between the planet and the CLOUDS, which are 100% water.

    Primitive people would see water streaming out of the clouds and think that there was a vaste water supply "in the heavens". They would have had no understanding of condensation.

    I guess though if people really believe that springs opened up in the "watery deep" to assist this flooding, I am wasting my time buying into this....

  • sabastious
    What about Jesus? Is he a liar too?

    Ummmm, you might not like the answer to that question...


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    So are all these people liars? What about Jesus? Is he a liar too?

    The Watchtower says it was a global flood. Jesus (reportedly) only referred to it as a historical event and did not describe the scale of it, or say how much fun it was taking the kiwis and tuataras back to New Zealand.

  • bohm

    Alice, regarding the water expanse - whats our hypothesis:

    a) A large amount of (frozen/liquid?) water in LEO.

    b) A large amount of wapor in the atmosphere.

    c) A large amount of liquid water held up in the troposphere by magic.

    Inquiering minds would like to know.

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