My last meeting was yesterday!

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  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- My congratulations to you for deciding not to attend meetings anymore. Don't be too hard on yourself for feeling some sadness mixed with dissappointment and anger . It is all part of the healing process in moving on in life my friend. I felt similar feelings about 7 years ago when I first stopped attending meetings. Angry with unjust elders who tried to screw me over- yet at the same time saddened that this organization I had been in from birth was really a total deception in promises of " elders being crags in a waterless country. " Not for me they weren't. So you seem to be going through a similar eye opening experience which obviously will give you many varied emotions rushing in at different times. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to heal . It takes time. If you need to cry, then cry . If you have anger- go for a energetic walk and release your stresses. Whatever it takes- do it.

    Your life will get better in time - and the further you are away from JW mind control meetings - the less that insane information will clog up the neurotransmitters and nerve endings in your brain. As you go on- refill your brain with good reading material to educate yourself about what just happened to you these last few years. Books on mind control- come to mind. Also Ray Franz's books.

    You have a great heart my friend and are to be commended in what you've done in fighting on behalf of protecting children . These men you have dealt with have no principles or ethics. They are " company " men - ordered to show devotion to the WT society first ; just like Nazi's were to show allegiance to Hitler in World War 2 . Jehovah's Witnesses ARE that controlled. That's why they are dangerous.

    So a very good decision on your part to protect yourself and your freedom of thinking by avoiding the meetings. My wife and I are close to you personally- if you need to talk, you know our number, we'll be here sis. Keep your chin up

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Good for you! This will get easier as time goes by. I understand your feelings of having wasted time and anger, as time goes on I hope you can focus less on that and more on things in the future. Do you think you would like to go back to school? Focus on your career? My husband and I have found that we could drive ourselves insane if we think too much about all the time we wasted. You didn't mention if your husband is supportive or not, hope that is not a stressor for you. Glad you spoke up before you left. Things will get better. NMKA

  • wasblind

    Keep your head up,

    he'll strike again, make a list of all the people you have talk to about this,

    so when he does, you can be able to name the elders who drop the ball

    in protecting the sheep, and let see how bethel will catch the elders backs

    when the lawsuits start flyin'

  • sherah

    I'm sorry for your sadness and disappointment. (S)Heroes walk alone sometimes.

    IA with Zid, stalking is a serious offense. Get a restraining order pronto. And if he is on probation/parole, contact his parole officer. Stalking is a technical violation of any sentence he is being supervised for. Also, try contacting the judge who sentenced him. They would love hear all about his stalking and baby-holding activities. Most of this info can be found out at the local courthouse, it's public info.

    And I'm not adverse to a woman carrying a concealed weapon as long as one has the proper training and paperwork.

  • jamiebowers

    Replace your social system now, so you won't feel so alone. Take steps to protect yourself in whatever ways you feel comfortable. And accept my congratulations for finally tearing off that band-aid.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Of course you feel down. You stayed in the trenches and felt an obligation. Your sacrifice was not met with any dignity whatsoever. But your voice is bound to make the difference to at least one parent and they are bound to be somewhat more cautious with their child. The pedophile himself is bound to be more careful because of your words.

    You have the right to know that you have made at least the tiniest difference in at least one life. I wish it were more. But celebrate what you have and take it.

    Even if it was lip service, an elder confessed to you that they have changed. I guarantee that at least one elder (if not more) is being more cautious with dealing with the potential problem in the congregation. I guarantee that will contribute to the tiny difference you have made.

    I remained an elder until I was fully convinced that I no longer did have any positive influence away from the dangerous mind-control cult rules over any lives. But I know I did have the positive influence for a long time. I did make some tiny difference. Now, I deserve to walk away and seek my own peace.

    Can you fight WTS by yourself in your own way and win? You already have to a degree. Nobody has ever slapped them and their elders in the face quite like you did in your neck of the woods and lived to tell about it- until now.

  • JustHuman14

    Your life is just make your stand in that evil cult and nothing happened. Time to move on in a life of freedom. I left WT 10 years ago for doctrine issues, and I haven't regret it for a single minute.

    I wish I was younger in age, and didn't wasted my best years in that evil cult. It is my life and I will use it the way I believe is correct. I do what I like and I keep no regrets

    At least Vatican has appologize for their priests who molested children and you can see that in their official Vatican website. WT instead of accepting the issue they pretend that everything is perfect in their so called earthly paradise. Instead of going after those molesters they protect them. Is just sickening and evil

  • cantleave

    Good for you. Yes you have done the right thing.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I just waned to thank everyone, this has been a hard road as I truly did believe that it was the true religion until I saw with my own eyes the child molester and still I wanted to believe that it was not happening the way it was. I tried and tried to convince myself that I was not seeing it right but I was seeing it right.

    I needed to make sure that I had tried and given it ever chance to be wrong. That was way I called Bethel today, I need to know in my mind that I have tried everything I can to save children. I now know that many things I cannot change. I cannot save the world even though I may like to.

    Thanks again for you encourgment.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    First and foremost, your effort to clean up a portion of the Borg is laudable. If it was truly God's organization they would respond to righteous counsel. It isn't and they don't. Like the Jewish leaders of Jesus' day they think they're God's people simply because they are self-named as such.

    Second, sorry for your disappointment.

    Third, congratulations for getting out. Don't look back. Keep moving forward.

    Fourth, is that congregation listed on silentlambs? If not, it needs to be.

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