My last meeting was yesterday!

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    OK I was debating on doing this post but here it goes. I have not put down my whole story on this board but enough for everyone to know that my problem with the "truth" is sex offenders.

    I have fought and fought the elders and they win. They will allow child molesters and I cannot stop that. I have went to the police, news, called and written to Bethel (what a joke) etc. I have done everything. I have warned parents in the hall and they do not want to know, I have just gotten into trouble for doing it. One of the sex offenders followed me when I was alone in my car three weeks ago. I did not have my cell phone with me. Freaked me out this guy is a sexual psychopath from his court records. I called Bethel over and over but they believe the elders because I am after all just a stupid woman. My husband was deleted as an elder of 32 years because the sexual psychopath shoved him in the hall. It just goes on and on.

    I am mad and hurt, I stupidly gave my life to this religion and this is it. The CO was here this week and I wanted to go, I do not know why but it is my journey and I just felt I wanted one last shot of making sure that this is the right choose. It is

    I have been so depressed this week being back, I hardly go to the meeting now.

    So I was at the meeting Thursday night and the only elder that I still talk to as I walked by said it is so nice sister LITS to see you here. Do you not feel good being here. I said loudly no I do not with men who rape babies running around. He was pissed and hurt that I said that. People around us heard me say it loudly. He latter told me I was causing divisions in the hall. I said no the elders have by letting child molesters run free and hold and take care of children. He said it is all in the past that the elders have been talked to and have changed their ways. I have heard that for the last three years. I asked him why they had to have their view adjusted it is common sense not to let men who rape babies hold them. He just kept saying it was in the past and they made mistakes. I said at the cost of children. I would not let him get by with that one.

    OK so now I am done yesterday was my last meeting. But I feel so down, I know I am making the right move but I feel so down. I hate this religion.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'm sad you find yourself in this difficult position. Sadly it's the same old story of too little too late as regards the elders. The situation I had to cope with myself (nothing to do with child abuse thank god) showed up the elders MO very well.

    It's the 3 wise monkeys: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The carpet in the hall is very lumpy im suprised people can walk on it with all the crap swept under there.

    What they want is for you to shut up and "stop obsessing" over it no doubt. But what they dont seem to understand is that if it was handled better and more sensitively then you'd have every reason to comply with that directive.

    They wont care that you leave either im willing to bet, ...because it will be your fault in their eyes

    Painful as it is now and the severe wrench in your life, it will get better and you will feel better. Says me of the wish I could quit class...


  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    LITS, this is such a sad tale you have to tell. Yes, you must be livid, and rightly so.

    It is an absolute disgrace the way that you've been treated by a bunch of men trying to control an out-of-control situation in the nasty cult world of the JWs.

    Surely, anyone with half a brain could detect that your courageous actions were undertaken solely out of goodness and concern on your part for the welfare of others? It is very commendable that you tried so hard to minimize the chances of any more child molestation taking place in the congregation you used to attend. To try and alert others must be the correct, moral thing to do - your actions should have been upheld. It is totally out of order that you've been treated in such a contemptable manner. You have acted wisely, yet those that are charged with caring for others in your congregation haven't been man enough to acknowledge this! Who would have thought taking a responsible stand could ever be so badly misunderstood?

    JWs try to pretend that their religion is so holy and squeaky clean. Most people posting here have discovered that this is pure fantasy. Maybe, though, this situation will result in both you, your husband and any family members you have wakening up to the fact that JWs have nothing worthwhile to offer.

    lifelong humanist

  • Soldier77

    You did the right thing, I'm proud of you. I wish I could do the same and just say, "F*&% you and your f**&ing child molester harboring religion!"

  • superpunk

    You won't make another decision in your life that will bring you as much joy and relief as this one will - I guarantee it.

    Not having to go to these never-ending, mind-numbingly-boring meetings is the greatest blessing of all. The part we miss is the association before and after...the rest we can certainly do without.

  • brotherdan

    You did the right thing! Don't let any sort of guilt plague you. They will try to shame you and make you feel guilty for leaving "Jehovah's Organization". But remember that some of the most faithful people in the Bible stood up to a corrupt organization and were blessed by God.

    Look at Jeremiah. The nation of Isreal had turned into TRUE apostates. They had actually left God and were doing the most horrible things you could imagine in His temple. But Jeremiah, as a young man, had the courage to stand up against them.

    Jesus did the same when He saw what was happening in His Fathers temple. He drove those evil men out with ropes! You didn't even do that...although I would've loved to have seen you do it!!!

  • WingCommander

    Wow....just wow. I am sorry you had to learn about the Org "the hard way" but this is usually what wakes people up the fastest.

    As for that sexual criminal following you around, I would arm myself - literally. Go to a local gun store and pick out a Taurus Ultra-light .38 special. This is a small, lightweight revolver that is simple to use and safe with training. Purchase it, and then go and take firearms classes in order to properly handly and fire this pistol. Then, head on down the county courthouse and obatin a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and then carry your new .38 special with you in your purse.

    Next time said JW pervert is stalking you, make sure you draw him in real close, and then pull that steel on him. Chances are he'll get the hint and get the hell away from you - permenantly.

    Or, if you don't want to do all of that, just have your husband kick the living shit out of him - IF he has the balls to do so. That's what I'd do if someone did that to MY wife. They'd be beaten to within an inch of their life and be living off of a tube for a month.

    - Wing Commander

  • palmtree67


    Dear girl, you will start to feel better and better now. You will have some peace not having to have that situation paraded in front of you at every meeting. You will have time to meditate and think and do some things for yourself. I suspect you've been neglecting yourself for a very long time.

    There will be times when you will have a moment of panic or guilt, but they will get fewer and fewer. And you will always have us for those times.

    You are free.

    Many hugs to you,


  • ziddina

    Kudos!! Good for YOU!!

    One thing to keep in mind... If the creep JW childmolester followed you before, he's likely to do so again. Keep your cell phone with you at ALL times when you are away from home.

    If you have a decent, easy-to-operate video camera, you might want to keep that handy, too...

    Since you have walked away from the cult, you are not under ANY hinderance to prevent you from causing LEGAL TROUBLES for that creep. If he comes near you AT ALL, file a restraining order...

    If you can catch him violating the restraining order, DOCUMENT IT, and get his butt slammed in jail! And if his butt is in jail, he can't molest kids while he's there, right??? Plus, he might blabber to the wrong person, and end up presenting the state with evidence of his wrong-doing; criminals in general regard pedophiles as the lowest of the low...

    Start making friends with your 'worldly' neighbors. If you haven't already done so... Enlist their aid in the situation - without too much venting or pathos at first; it will take them a while to adjust to the idea of a "JW" who doesn't judge, condemn, avoid, and try to convert them...

    They could be a big help in keeping track of anyone who might be 'casing' your house, or trying to keep track of your movements... (i.e., elders...)

    Again, GOOD FOR YOU!!!


  • DeathSentry

    If its any comfort; my father is an elder and has been bucking the trend so to speak, trying to bring a more pragmatic approach to the congregation he was assigned to. Its been an uphill battle for him and will probably continue to be but he was able to get support from the CO so they are working upwards to the DO and down to the other elders in his congregation. Its not necessarily related to the sex abuse issue but its that same mindset of not using common sense to address an issue.

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