Shouldn't have answered the phone just now

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  • Soldier77

    Nomad Soul, awesome, last meeting I went to I felt like doing just that. I was snickering the whole meeting because of the BS being spouted.

    Snakes, you had a pretty good system there, reminds me of the consolidating of the schedules when I was "reaching out."

    Zid, that's what I was thinking! Sneaky bastard! I'm not sure I want to play the depressed card, but it may be needed to employ the hounder fatique tactic.

    CHG, hang tight through the CO visit!

    Mad, thanks for that point, I'm working on that, I keep telling myself to not empower these guys over me. It's a work in progress.

    Blondie, lol, now that is a pretty good way of getting rid of him and then saving the # on the cell for future ref. haha

    Morbidzbaby, yeah, I hear ya on the parents thing. My mom knows I'm having doubts and it's getting to the point that I'm about ready to tell her that I know it's all BS and I don't believe a damn thing they print anymore. That will be a great fireworks show.

    Wasblind, FS reports are an indication of your spirituality! Didn't you read and study the WT publications?? LOL! Yeah, I ask myself that question a lot, what the hell does walking around banging on doors have to do with your "spirituality?"

    Thank you all for your support, its a huge help to come here to get advice on how to deal with my emerging situation. You guys rock.

  • wasblind

    I got a feeling you're gonna be alright soldier.

  • wantstoleave

    My elders only have my cell number, so if an unknown number comes in, I let it go to message. I figure whoever it is will leave a message if it's important. I think the CO has just been to our hall. I have never even met him! Shows how important I am to the congregation. Maybe they've written me off as a lost cause by now? Haven't been in the field for over 18mths and only 1 meeting this year. Never going back :)

  • UnConfused

    "So my brother, not even a peep in all the hours Jehovah gave you this month to talk about the Kingdom? Let's go out together next month."

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