Shouldn't have answered the phone just now

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  • NomadSoul

    I know how you feel. When I decided I couldn't take it anymore I just got up and left. It first started by leaving as soon as the meeting was over. Then one Sunday, in the middle of the speech I couldn't take no more of the BS and asked myself what the hell I was still doing there. So I just got up and left. That was so liberating....

  • SnakesInTheTower

    When I was secretary, I printed out a list for the book study conductors.... I refused to deal with 100 time slips. I told them deal with calling the publishers in their groups.... collect the slips...consolidate the data on to my single page worksheet...and turn in the sheet and the slips in the provided manila envelope to me... in fact, just put the envelope in the time box at the hall... I will collect it there..... I dealt with 6 envelopes..with 6 sheets.... and only dealt with 6 overseers to call ...... not 100 people bothering me with time.... which often I knew was BS anyway.

    took me about 10-20 minutes to record on all the cards... flew through them...then another 5 minutes to deal with the consolidated report to the society...then I was done... usually watched a recorded episode of Survivor while doing that... (that show reminds me of congregation politics).

    I am so glad I dont deal with that now.

    And by the way...if a person (elder or otherwise) calls, and you answer, and you don't want to talk to them...either be polite and say not now.... or just say... dont call back...why should we hide from our own phones?

    I hate it when I see an incoming call with no ID on it... I never know if it is a customer or not calling my cell phone...I give it out instead of my home number I kind of have to answer some times. I say block the elder numbers...or assign the theme to Jaws as the ringtone. cell number ends in 666..I picked it on purpose...a never used phone number...guess no one wants a number with the devil number in

    Snakes (Rich )

  • ziddina

    "I just answered the phone and it didn't phase me that caller ID did not tell me who was calling. Well, it was an elder... "

    He's got his caller ID blocked??? Damm, that IS sneaky!!! What a creep!!



    Whooops! Posted before I finished reading...

    Excellent suggestions from everyone here! I DA'd, so I can't identify with what you're going thru, but...

    How about the "I'm so - SO - depressed..." card...??

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I can also attest to the "elder fatique" that happens, they have so many people who are hounding them after every meeting with family problems or depression problems, (I saw on several occasions elder's having to get a ride home with someone else because their family gave up and drove home because elder was stuck talking to another member of the flock who was having an emergency), not to mention all the talks they have to write and deliver, all the BS meetings, and luckily the elder assigned to me also is a sucessful businessman which means that he is busy going overseas and taking family vacations-

    thus after a few tries to call me (yes I have his cell, home, and business number on my caller-id) he gives up

    but the circuit overseer visit is comming soon (end of August I think), that is when the elders get a veral-beating from the CO about going after the flock that have become inactive, yada yada- that is when I think they will strike again

    then I'm not sure what the next step will be for them,

    good luck!


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    They only have the power you give them. It takes a little time to learn it and a bit longer to live it. Eventually though you will be able to laugh at the futility of these guys like many of the old-time ex-Dubs here on JWN seem to be able to do with ease.

  • wasblind


    Study up, you already got your armour, cause they gave it to you in their literature,

    The best way i found to get them on the new generation thing is by using what i

    told soldier. The reason they can get to people is because they prepare. You control

    the situation, don't let them. I don't care who comes to my door, bring every CO they

    got i'm ready, and i'm armed

  • blondie

    I just make sure I don't identify myself until I know who is on the end of the line.

    Me: Hello.

    Caller: Blondie, this is Brother Pest calling.

    Me: Hello, is someone there?

    Caller: This is Brother Pest calling.

    Me: I hate these kind of silent calls; probably a computer (hang up).

  • Morbidzbaby

    Hmmm...this happened to me last week as well! "Hey MB, we miss you! What's going on?". When I responded that I'm busy with everything, I got a few words of understanding and acknowledgement and then a "Hey! I noticed you didn't report any field service time...can I get that from you now?" When I told him I didn't have any, he said "Not even 30 minutes? Fifteen minutes?? I know you,'re an outgoing person...there's got to be some time you talked about me back when you remember, ok?". Thing is, I DID talk about "Jehovah", but not in the way the Org wants me to lol.

    I'm heading into the "Haven't gone in a while, haven't reported time for 3 months, time to start hounding" phase. Not looking forward to it. My parents (who I currently live with) know I have doubts. I actually voiced my "How can the GB be inspired and get things so WRONG" question and my mom told me my dad has been really looking for the answer for me...I know he won't find one...and I told them so when I asked the question. My dad suggested we "write to the Society"...he's just so blind. Newer convert than my mom, who raised me and my bro in it. So it may or may NOT be harder to convince him.

    At least you know you can vent here when you get cornered by the hounders! I'm not looking forward to "next time".

  • wasblind

    Do they really think these fieldservice reports is their way to salvation?

    What about JESUS? can anyone top what he did?

  • Soldier77

    Gutted, I need to remember to say that when he calls again. "Thanks for calling, I'll get back to you when I have time." I haven't told the service overseer to take me off the TMS yet, but I'm expecting either a call on it or him just getting the hint that he can assign as many talks as he wants to me but I won't be there to do it anyway. Goatee is going good, a bit scraggly, I need to trim it up some. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Finally-Free, I didn't give him my work number, it's my cell phone he called. Which they've had for a while.

    Gregor, Hounder fatigue (thanks chickpea), I am going to need to employ that tactic better.

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