Shouldn't have answered the phone just now

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  • Soldier77

    wasblind, I was thinking of doing that. But that would start down the path of them thinking I'm and "apostate" and that could lead into further interrogationing which I just want to avoid. Maybe it's inevitable though.

    I'm just glad he didn't get much out of me during the short phone call. I almost felt like telling him I wasn't going to attend the DC at all and I had already listened to it on mp3 (thanks to Yknot), got the releases and heard enough. But that would lead me down the path I'm trying to avoid...

  • wasblind


    when showing this to them always remain in the student position remember they

    are the so called teachers. always as them "WHY" when your showing them their

    own literature, how can you be claimed apostate when your asking questions from

    their own books and mags. trust this method leaves um speechless, then i hit 'em

    with the Bible encourages us to ask questions and then i show them the scriptures

    to back it up. BAM

  • Soldier77

    wasblind, good points. The Sunday meeting that discussed the new generation understanding was the last meeting I went to. In fact, after the meeting, this same elder was the one I mentioned about not getting this new understanding. He wanted to talk to me about it further and see if he could explain it to me... shit... maybe this is what he wants to talk to me about... maybe perfect timing to lead into this discussion again...

    things that make you go hmmmm...

  • wasblind

    with any luck, maybe they will just consider you weak in the faith

    and i used the word "luck"

  • wasblind

    Remember, stay in the student position, but in actuality, your aim is to show him somethin,

  • gutted

    Soldier, I feel for you man. I'm in a similar boat, stopped meetings and service, but I did end up going to the DC in a different city beginning of July. After that I vowed never to go to another meeting or service arrangement in my life.

    A newly appointed elder I believe was "assigned" to me called and I answered and also had that "DAMN IT" moment. I think he called because I took myself off the school and the overseer of that said we "would have a chat to encourage you".

    All he said was he wanted to get together for a coffee and chat. I said sure, but that I was really busy and would call him to set up a time. Thanks to the advice on this board I did say that, that I would call HIM when I was ready. Of course I didn't and he left a message last night.

    Now I do feel guilty, not because of the organization, but because I like this guy. He's a good guy and we've hung out before when he was just an MS.

    I have nothing to say to an elder. I plan on not returning his call unless he keeps hounding me. I forsee them coming to my door one day too

    On a positive note my goatee is coming in, how's yours?

  • Finally-Free
    He wants to talk to me later too, said he knows I couldn't talk much because I am at work.

    One thing I don't get and never will. Why do people ever give elders their work numbers in the first place? I never did. In fact, no elder ever asked me for my work number, cell number, pager number, email address, etc.

    If an elder was ever stupid enough to call me at work he would get the earfull of a lifetime.


  • wasblind


    ain't no such thing as a chat without an agenda, when it comes to the elders.

    And scince you like this person, showing him the Reasoning Book, and the

    Sept 15, 2010 WT as i stated above ain't doin no harm, cause it's from the WTS.

    If you don't want to be brow beatin'and guilted back into something you don't

    want to be in you need to start preparing your own presentation. Use the same

    presentation skills on them that they taught you. Study up

  • wasblind

    Gutted, remember ask questions, don't preach to.

  • Gregor

    Chickpea made a point not to be overlooked. Hounder fatigue. I have 'been there and done that' with sheparding responsibilities. Unless he has no life and a lot of idle time on his hands he will move on to the next person on his list. You can fiddle him for months between not answering his calls (remember, when he calls you it is at HIS convenience) and if you do have to listen to his 'encouragement' just give him vague fluff like "thanks, brother, I will try to improve my attendance and FS."

    Now, on the other hand, if you are truly ready to deal with the consequences of a DA letter (AKA, The Finger) by all means do it. As I have said before, better to quit the bastards than give them the satisfaction of firing you.

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