Shouldn't have answered the phone just now

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  • Soldier77

    [email protected]#$!

    I just answered the phone and it didn't phase me that caller ID did not tell me who was calling. Well, it was an elder...

    He wanted to know the usual interogation crap, where I've been, have I gone to the DC yet, when am I going, I will love it, etc, typical bullshit. Then he says, "I noticed you haven't turned in any time for last month, do you have any to report?" AHA! The true purpose of his call! Not to check to see if I was okay, if I was sick, if I was alive, but to get the report for "mother." He wants to talk to me later too, said he knows I couldn't talk much because I am at work. I told him I'm doing great, he had that "oh yeah?" reply, like he was surprised that I was since I haven't beem to a meeting for over a month. I think I know what he wants to talk about... give me the guilt trip bullshit talk.

    I entered his number and saved it so I'll know when it's him again. I'm feeling sick now, I was doing good evading the elders for a bit, now I feel like they are going into hound mode on me since I've been MIA.

    I'm so sick of this bullshit. I'm sick of them having any influence on my life, sick of the control they impose on me, I don't believe anything that the WBTS says, they definitely don't have the truth. I'm almost to the point of writing my DA letter and turning it in. My family and what few "friends" I have that are still in are almost not worth it if they will turn off that switch like I never existed.

    Thanks for listening, just had to vent and share. Got to love Mondays eh?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    One thing you can do is get all the elders #'s and put them all on a different ring tone. I have done that with people who I do not want to talk to. That way no more surprises. Sorry you had to go through that. I did that yesterday and I am still upset over talking to the elder. You will never win with them. I actually looked at the elder and said you are talking in circles and he said 'no I am not' I said are you listening to yourself. He had to agree with me.

    It is truly crazy making at its finest.


  • teel

    Here's something to cheer you up

  • Soldier77

    Yeah, this guy is a true company man too. He just got "promoted" to Secretary a fwe months back and man does he hound everyone for the FS reports at the end of the month. If you don't turn it in, he calls for it, if you don't have any or report anything under 8 hours, he gives you the "do more for Jehovah" speech.

    I just want to scream...

  • Soldier77

    LOL! Thanks teel, that did make me laugh.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    It is especially hard for you if you are still attending meetings ......All you can do is be honest and try to remember HE is just a man trying to do his job ,period . He can not force you to do anything ,and you really don't have to answer to him.

    Seroiusly what is the worst he can do to you for not turning in time ? Give you a pep talk ......Just smile and say no thanks when he offers . They soon tire out when people give them excuses for not turning in time . You are not the only one..... our hall usually had at least 12 inactive ones at a time , people that still attended meetings sporadically ,but hated field service .

    The preaching work is a VOLUNTEER work according to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society .

    Now that you have his number in your caller ID it will help .

  • wasblind

    Here's how you do it baby,

    scince he asked you about the DC in your area, tell him that you have difiiculty in understanding

    their new definition , then show him page 234 in the" REASONING of the SCRIPTURES" book where

    it states within the definition that the generation "alive" in 1914 will be the ones to see the great

    tribulation. Then show him the Sept 15, 2010 WT, turn to page 13 go down to paragraph 8 where

    it states that what the GB publish is from God , not men. Then ask him why would a God, who cannot lie.

    wind up tellin, a lie at the up and comin, DC

  • Soldier77

    Well, I haven't been to the meetings for about a month, and haven't been out in field circus for 5 or so. So I haven't ran into an elder face to face for a while.

    I'll keep those points in mind troubled mind, they DON'T have control over me and I need to remember that and not cave into that guilt trip. Thanks troubled mind.

  • wasblind

    I'm still waitin' on some return visits

    damn liars. Now i got them runnin,

    from me. You got the tools to fight 'em

    with use it.

  • chickpea

    dont be surprised if his zeal wanes....

    as you stated, he has JUST in the last few
    months been appointed so of course he is
    wanting to impress with his diligence....

    he will wear out soon enough when he gets
    his fill of attitude, apathy and outright unapologetic
    "zero" reports.... 6 straight months of trying to pin
    you down for "time" and getting goose-egg reports
    will make him wonder why he bothers with you at all.....

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