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  • KW13

    It occured to me that when the new, young Elders, Ministerial Servants and so on take over, they are further and further away from the origin of the Witnesses. When the lies were fresh in the minds of all, when people saw first hand what was done wrong, giving them the reasons to jump ship and enjoy life, without fear of making a mistake, because they had a good idea of the facts. These things have since been brushed under the carpet and the Circuit Overseers, Elders, Ministerial Servants and so on are more naive and clueless (in my opinion) than ever.

    The same applies to the rank and file witnesses. They stumble around not knowing a thing about their religion and blindly follow because their father did it, and his father before him. The old ones who literally carried the congregation for many years are dieing out, taking with them the secrets of the past but leaving behind their twisted logic.

    This gives the Society free reign to do as they wish and it seems they are doing so.

    Yes people are leaving and people are discovering for themselves what the Society is about but there is still a new generation of Witnesses that may well be more dangerous than the last because they stand for a cause they don't understand. When confronted one day, perhaps by a worldwide ban what will their fear and confusion drive them to do? I personally think the walls are being built up, forcing its members to adopt a siege mentality. Reading the comments on the News Article about that JW who molested a young girl, it becomes clear that anything that does not quite sit right in their brainwashed minds, must be an attack.

    I Quote;

    "Satan loves to use the power of sex and womenly seduction to tempt Jehovah's people away from the Truth. Surely this is a sign we are in the last days. Now that the demons can get into the Kingdom Hall we need to protect ourselves and draw even closer to Jehovah"

    There have been a lot of steps taken recently that seem to isolate the Witnesses from the 'world' more than ever. Study and Public editions of the Watchtower for example, its another divide between them and us.

  • snowbird

    I agree 100 per cent.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I agree.

  • NiceDream

    Yes, I find it very scary.

  • wobble

    You are right KW13,

    even 20 or more years ago I could see a new breed of 2nd and 2rd generation (not overlapping) witness coming on the scene who knew very little about the doctrines they were supposed to believe in, and zilch about the history of the religion and the absolutely laughable stuff it has taught over the years.

    It is now endemic, as you say, D.O's and C.O's and Elders are clueless, just indoctrinated with the twisted thinking.

    They are not at all bothered by what is shown to be wrong about the WT, they just know it is God's Org.

    These new mind-controlled drones are dangerous, and will do anything the GB tell them to.

  • KW13

    Exactly. At the moment there is absolutely no sound logic coming from the Society and the very reasons the whole Organization began have been lost somewhere over time, known only i think to a privileged few, in charge of this madness that we used to call the 'truth'. I think these people work tirelessly to ensure that the money comes in and the lies don't go out. Its quite clear the Watchtower Society is a money making machine which i would bet, has some ties to some very odd groups and people.


    I Quote;

    "Satan loves to use the power of sex and womenly seduction to tempt Jehovah's people away from the Truth.....Kiwi13

    It`s them Female Type Women that are cause`in the trouble!!..

    Thats why Bethel was Gay for all those years.

    It kept out the female problems!..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • ambersun

    I have just read those comments on the News Article and I am frankly appalled. I seriously hope the comments of one person in particular are a wind-up

    I totally agree with your comments KW13 and I wonder what CTR would think about it all if he came back tomorrow. He is probably spinning in his pyramid as we speak

  • OnTheWayOut

    The new generation of JW's may be more clueless, but they are also smaller in number and see others abandoning ship.
    They will be totally helpless in a discussion at the door, if indeed they ever got into one. They will never be able to rationalize their 'hope.'
    They will say that it is "the truth" and that's all they know. It's the truth because World War One happened in 1914, just as the Watchtower said it would, and the world changed since then with Satan down here, and the churches and religions of the world are all wrong and demonized, all except for the Witnesses.

  • jwfacts

    JW's are certainly inept doctrinally compared to times past. The GB is responsible, as the study books have become far less detailed in explaining doctrine. It is more of a "this is how it is, so accept it" attitude.

    When confronted one day, perhaps by a worldwide ban what will their fear and confusion drive them to do?

    Most of the 2nd/3rd generations I know would leave if they came under any hardship. They don't really believe the doctrine; they just go through the motions because it is their families cultural heritage. If things got too hard they just would not think it was worth it anymore. However, there are still some that are fervently religious and these are the ones that could become unpredictable.

    That article that you reference has great comments. JW's are an embarrassment when they comment on the internet. Although Watchtower articles are carefully worded so as not to sound too wacky, JW's say it as they think it, revealing their insane view of the world and life.

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