2000 years from now AIDS could be known as...........

by foolsparadise 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • foolsparadise

    A scourge by god to wipe the world free of homosexuality. I think its a good theory. Any thoughts? Maybe there will be a new testament bible 3rd or 4th addition by then talking about this.

  • wasblind

    Hey foolsparadise,

    what about the other people caught up in the sourge,

    so many lives have been affected by this disease, there

    are other ways that people have contacted this and they

    were not living debauched lives. there is not one person

    i would wish this on, not even a homosexual, i don't believe this

    is something sent by a loving God, after all, ain't he supposed to

    pass judgement on each indiviual according to their own deeds?

    if that's so, why would he curse the innocent children or others

    with this if he meant this to be only a homosexual disease.

  • wasblind

    As you can see my statement turns into a question, Any other thoughts are most welcome

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    your probably right about that. And if JW's still are around I bet they counting the days until 4014.

  • cantleave

    i would wish this on, not even a homosexual,

    This statement sounds homophobic. wasblind would you insert Black, Jew or American into that sentence?

  • mrsjones5

    According to the latest stats I could find women are being affected slightly more than men:

    59% of adult females with AIDS contracted it through heterosexual contact in the US 2001 (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Census Bureau)

    57.5% of adult males with AIDS contracted it through sex with other men in the US 2001 (USCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, US Census Bureau) http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/h/hiv_aids/stats.htm

    Does that mean that God is trying to wipe out women?

  • teel

    No, it means men are to blame for the disease in eather case :p

    Seriously, I hope you weren't serious foolsparadise. That would not be the act of a God I am willing to serve, or love.

  • tec

    Um... you're assuming that the disease is a homosexual one. Heterosexuals get it just as often. So do drug users, in sharing needles. So no, I don't think it could be considered a scourge to free the world of homosexuality.


  • changeling

    I sincerly hope that 2000 years from now the stupid notion of god sending a scourge to wipe out homosexuals (or the very concept of god), will not enter people's reasoning minds.

  • bohm

    changeling: You sound suspiciously like a homosexual now ;-).

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