2000 years from now AIDS could be known as...........

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  • ziddina

    "A scourge by god to wipe the world free of homosexuality..."

    Yeah, sure... In much the same way as the Black Plague/Bubonic Plague of Europe turned out to be a scourge by someone or something, intended to break the hold of Christianity upon Europe and much of the known world...

    The waves of Bubonic Plague that swept much of Europe and the known world, broke the faith of the 'common' people in the power of the Catholic Church and "god", and was a major factor in the ushering in of the Renaissance and the "Age[s] of Reason" that followed it.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Bubonic Plague swept over much more than just Europe, and for a much longer period than the much ballyhooed 1400's breakout... The Plague was present from Mongolia throughout Russia and other areas, including the Mediterranean and surrounding areas which also suffered severely from the plague, from approx. 500 A.D. onwards until the 1400's - 1500's.

    The reign of the Byzantine Roman emperor Justinian with his famously beautiful, ruthless queen Theodoria, was greatly troubled by a vicious outbreak of the Plague in the early 500's A.D.

    I love the delicious irony in the presence of the Plague and its influence in eroding the power of the Church and the bible 'god'...


  • Scully

    A scourge by god to wipe the world free of homosexuality. I think its a good theory. Any thoughts? Maybe there will be a new testament bible 3rd or 4th [e]dition by then talking about this.

    Aren't there people who already believe this?

    For what it's worth, HIV / AIDS infects heterosexuals too. Most cases of HIV / AIDS in Africa are contracted via heterosexual intercourse.

    And, just out of curiosity, how would your "good theory" explain why babies contract HIV / AIDS from their mothers during pregnancy ("vertical transmission"), and those mothers acquire it from their husbands during heterosexual intercourse ("horizontal transmission")? Is god trying to wipe out Africans too?

    And how does your "good theory" explain the fact that female homosexuals almost NEVER contract sexually transmitted infections? Does god love lesbians more than he loves Africans and gay men?

  • shamus100

    Maybe there will be a new testament bible 3rd or 4th addition by then talking about this.

    JW's don't write new testaments. No, I think your thoughts were made perfectly clear, and you're such an awful person you can only type your fucking tripe on internet message boards.

    You're just a sick individual - and you don't fool me.

  • ziddina

    That should be "Theodora", not "Theodoria"... I always add too much of a flourish to her name... Empress to the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian, from her marriage to him around 523 A.D. until her death in 548 A.D. ...

  • foolsparadise

    Shamus100 your picture describes your intelligence all to well. Keep up the unintelligent work!

  • scotsman

    Given that almost 70% of global HIV cases occur in Sub-Saharan Africa it seems that the scourge is a racist one. Or maybe fools would suppose that there are a disproportionate number of homosexuals in that part of the world. What a numptie.


    scotsman Or that African men have an aversion to using condoms?

  • chickpea

    i find it hard to imagine the "bible"
    surviving past the 23rd century as
    anything more than a reference
    book, so the notions of there
    being revisions or addendums
    is ..... what was the question?

  • cantleave

    Wasblind - thanks for the clarification. I will cross you out from my Homophobe list

  • Violia

    I think some are being a bit rough on our thread starter. I think he meant what he said, suppose what is happening now ends up in some holy book and becomes the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

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