A conversation with a JW on the Generation change

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  • teel

    Her argument about the generation is a backward one: the end hasn't come yet, so it means the generation hasn't passed yet per Jesus' words, so we must look for a definition of the word that allows 100+ years for one generation. The thought doesn't even occur in her mind that maybe the whole concept of the end time starting in 1914 is wrong on itself. Incidentally that must be exactly the thought process of the GB too.

  • ziddina

    "Am I making sense?"

    Nooo, Auntie, you aren't... But I blame the WTBTS and the Gov.Bod...

    "We're aware of the 'time' when the thief will come so we're alert, but we don't know the exact hour..."

    Oh, honey, you have no clue... The "thief" already struck, when the WTBTS stole your life from you...

    (Heavy sigh....) It's going to be a looooooooooooooooooonnnggg "generation"...

  • cameo-d

    When Jesus said "this generation" he was referring to the human beings known as homosapiens. And yes, we will overlap the new generation which will be the transhumans.

  • flipper

    Your auntie is pretty much mind controlled by the WT society in her mind . If she's older 70 + - I think I'd just leave it alone than continue pursuing it. She sounds like a pretty closed book on how she's going to view things. My parents are in their 80's and it would be too hard for them to admit they've wasted 60 years in a mind control cult which never fulfilled their promises. That could be where your aunt is in her mind. Worth considering. Just give her love and be kind as I know you are anyway. Hang in there

  • yesidid

    I am very, very much with the "leave her be" group.

    If she has not seen the obvious faults in the WT reasonings from what you have already said, she doesn't want to.

    And the reason has to be emotional, certainly not logical.

    So if she needs them for an emotional crutch and she is an older person, don't kick her crutch from under her.

    Just jove her and be there for her if she needs you.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Beating a dead horse. As the new BS WT says people are convinced of their beliefs even tho they dont realize they are being decieved.

  • OnTheWayOut


    The general use of the word 'generation' is usually limited to the average lifespan of an individual, and it's already been 96 years since the last days began, so it stands to reason that the word 'generation' in Matt. 24:34 isn't the commonly used definition.

    So she uses that wonderful circular logic. WTS already established that 1914 is right. Nothing happened before the 1914 generation passed away, so the common usage definition of "generation" must not be what Jesus meant. WTS offers a definition that fits, and we already know they established 1914 was right, so they must be right here too.


    The part of the April 15th, 2010 Watchtower that you printed is talking about a specific time period called the last days. The generation is referring to that time period, so therefore all of the anointed ones alive at the beginning of the last days, along with the anointed thruout the last days and being alive when the great tribulation begins, are grouped together as one generation. How would you define generation in that scripture? The whole context is talking about the last days leading up to the great tribulation (vs. 21 & 22).

    Okay, your aunt is already prepared to do more than defend this goofy overlap. She is also prepared for the upcoming excuse that "all the anointed ones alive ..... thruout the last days" are one generation. This excuse will be used sometime after 2034 to extend the overlap a wee bit, but not much, then it will be stretched and stretched.

    Since this system hasn't ended yet, and it's lasted longer than a literal generation as it is commonly defined, and since the scriptures say that God cannot lie....how would you define 'generation' in Matthew 24:34?

    Not only did she return to her wonderful circular logic, she put the spin on this for you to have the burden of proof to come up with some better definition of "generation" that fits all her criteria of referring to the last days starting in 1914 and still being true to the recorded scriptures.

  • wantstoleave

    She sounds like a sweetheart, so if I were you, I'd let her be. Some people are better left to what they are familiar with, what gives them hope and happiness and it seems as if for her that's the organisation, so if it were me, I'd let her be happy and content with her life.

    Are you DF or just fading away? If DF, then I think she came across with love and concern for you, which is alot more than what some who are DF could ever hope for. If you're just fading, then she is probably keeping the lines of communication open in hopes you'll 'come to your senses'. Either way, I'd be inclined to just tell her you love her and let it be

  • Tuesday

    "Since this system hasn't ended yet, and it's lasted longer than a literal generation as it is commonly defined, and since the scriptures say that God cannot lie....how would you define 'generation' in Matthew 24:34?"

    I would answer this with "I would continue to define this generation as a literal generation and say that generation hasn't arrived yet." Keep it simple. If this were someone that I wasn't related to I would be sarcastic about how my mind is blown at the idea that you can talk for more than 6 paragraphs about how the definition of a word can change four or five different times and still not have it right.


    *sticky note*

    You guys ROCK! Thank you very much.....

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