A conversation with a JW on the Generation change

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  • ziddina


    The NEXT time some JW says something like this: " Remember we used to think the 'generation' was a traditional definition of 80 or 90 years? This new clarification shows it can be a little bit longer, but not a LOT longer because it's still only a definite period of time because the lives of the anointed as a group overlap and conclude 'as a group' only for a number of years, not indefinitely... "

    Remind them that the average life-span in "Jesus' " day was around 45 - 55 years... And that THAT typical life-span would have been what "Jesus" referred to, because that was the type of "generation" that was familiar to his listeners...

    If he'd meant a LONGER life span/generation, he would have HAD TO SPECIFY THAT IN HIS WORDS, because his audience would have ONLY been familiar with a life span of approximately 30 - 40 years...


    I wonder how this information would affect the typical JW...


  • jookbeard

    I'm pretty sure that 99.9% of the worlds population have never used the word "overlap" when discussing the general meaning of the word generation, can you imagine an example of speaking about what life was like during the time of your great grand father then explaining to someone that we are part of your great grandfathers generation because of people that overlapped his time? people would think you are mentally disturbed, pathetic that this lady tries to justify this BS, I like the usual crap about only they are preaching the good news world wide and getting people to know about Jerkhoobah, well they ain't making a very good job are they? ask folks in China/India/Pakistan/Bangladesh................. about Jerkhoobah.

  • undercover
    I'm pretty sure that 99.9% of the worlds population have never used the word "overlap" when discussing the general meaning of the word generation...

    I'm pretty sure that Jesus didn't use the word "overlap" either.

    The light that is supposed to get brighter has gotten dimmer and dimmer. The bulb is now flickering and about to burn out...

  • sir82
    Who do you believe has the truth?

    Typical JW train of thought.

    The assumption is that "surely there must be exactly one organization somewhere on earth that God is using, that has THE truth".

    They've been taught that virtually from day one, and it is the underlying assumption in virtually everything taught from the platform and in the literature.

    So if you point out mistakes made by the Org., the inevitable counterargument is "well, if JWs, don't have the truth, what other single organization has God picked that has THE truth?"

    It is utterly inconceivable for the typical JW to consider that either God doesn't use ANY organization, or he uses many organizations to accomplish some bits and pieces of his overall will.

    You'll never get a JW to reason until you get them to drop that mindset.

  • agonus

    The three words that frighten Dubs the most:

    "I don't know."

  • superpunk

    Good point, sir82.

    I read from someone on these forums something along the same line, and they used a good illustration.

    You can compare the JW mindset to someone walking on train tracks, who has been informed that a train is bearing down on them. The normal-thinking person understands that they simply need to step off the train tracks that they are on, and avoid the train. The JW mindset dictates that they cannot step off these tracks, no matter what, until someone gives them a better set of tracks to step on. Unfortunately a better set doesn't exist, because they pre-empt any discussion by setting up the JWs as the pinnacle (i.e. show me another organization that goes house to house worldwide as extensively as we do - they set up parameters that only the JWs can win at. It would be kind of like a Steelers fan saying "Show me another team that has 6 super bowl championships and I'll root for THAT team!")

    But it's not our responsibility to give them another set of train tracks. I've also heard it put this way; If I tell you the movie theatre you're sitting in is on fire, I've fulfilled my obligation. I'm not also obligated to search the city for other movie theatres and list the movie times for you so that you can watch another movie.

    But people like this are comfortable in their "slumber". Your challenges represent a threat to their entire way of life and thinking, so they're ignored until they have a reason to acknowledge them. The WTS has an answer for every objection you will raise, and it doesn't matter how stupid that answer is, all that matters is that it exists and it will be accepted by the good cult member.

  • DaCheech

    my overseer made this stupid example:

    if the news alerted that there was a once in a 2 hundred year comet that was passing by. people would get ready to watch it.

    so in those people there would be 5 year olds and there would be 80 year old.

    all those people watching the comet would be from overlapping generations.

    so years later the younglings and the old could say they were from the generation that saw................

    --> OK, doofus: in 1914 there were 5 year olds and 80 year olds, where are those 5 year olds now? how many years before those "0" year olds are no more? I guess they need to overlap more people by telling them about 1914?

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