August 15th WT - Mind Control about "Loving Kindness " & Use of Tongue

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  • flipper

    Here they go again. If one thing will be remembered about the summer of 2010 with the WT society - it will be that they took EVERY opportunity to justify the " overlap generation " theory and employ damage control methods to keep witnesses from HEARING anything NEGATIVE about the WT organization by warning them about apostates or the internet.

    In the Aug. 15th WT ( Witness version ) on pg. 24 in the article " Let the Law of Loving Kindness Safeguard your Tongue " notice these 2 points where the WT society tries to manipulate JW's minds regarding how they use their tongue in showing alleged " loving kindness ".

    The 1st point concerns being a " helpful " witness and showing alleged " loving kindness " to a fellow believer if they are turning astray from WT principles. It states in paragraph 16, " What should we do if we observe a Christian heading in a direction that conflicts with Bible principles ? Would not loving-kindness move us to use our tongue to try to correct him ? If we come to know of a serious sin committed by a fellow believer, loyal love moves us to encourage the wrongdoer to " call the older men of the congregation to him" so they can " pray over him, greasing him with oil in the name of Jehovah. " If the wrongdoer fails to contact the elders, our not reporting the matter is neither loving nor kind . "

    So the basic thought here is the WT society is telling witnesses that to be loving and kind - you have to rat out your brothers and sisters to the elders if they break principles & laws and that you need to be a busybody and nose in on their personal lives. That is - if you want to REALLY show loving kindness. So the WT society encourages it's members to distrust each other and spy on one another for the organization. Lovely. With friends like that- who needs enemies ?

    The 2nd point in paragraph 17 involves the WT society telling witnesses to DISMISS ANYTHING a non-witness, i.e. " enemy of God " says ! Notice the mind control used in this loaded language ! It states, " How should we respond when rumors about fellow believers are circulated by GOD'S ENEMIES ? Rather than questioning the integrity of our brothers , we ought to dismiss such talk SILENTLY or ask the accuser, if he is reasonable, whether he is really sure that there is a basis for his remarks. If ENEMIES of God's people seek to know the whereabouts of our Christian brothers in order to bring them harm, loyal love for our brothers dictates that we not provide the information. "

    Wow. A lot of information packed into THAT little paragraph. Notice how the WT society cleverly implants the mind controlled thought in witnesses that ANYBODY talking against fellow believers are automatically GOD'S ENEMIES ? Then it mentions to " dismiss such talk SILENTLY " ! ( Translation : Don't talk about this with fellow brothers & sisters as it could sway them to join " God's enemies " ! And then then ANOTHER disclaimer to the alleged " enemy " - ask if there is a BASIS for his remarks. In other words doubt his sources and he's probably lying . Also if they want to know information about the brothers or sisters - don't give it out - probably just lies anyway. Ridiculous.

    So what if brother old geezer , or sister schoolteacher is molesting children ? Don't believe it ! It's just " God's enemies " trying to malign the brothers and sisters ! What if we read it in the newspapers or internet news that a JW has committed a crime like murder, child abuse, extortion ? WT society would say, " Don't believe it- you know Satan is controlling the media ! "

    So you see how this works ? By implanting doubt in JW's minds about ANY non-witnesses saying negative things about them the WT society helps insulate and control any negative information from swaying witnesses. It is insanity at it's worst. The further along in time they go without fulfillment of their failed expectations - expect the WT society to KEEP tightening the grip and reins on Jehovah's Witnesses minds. It's how I see it. As always- I look forward to your takes and comments on the article & what trends YOU notice happening with WT mind control . Peace out to all ! Have a good weekend ! Mr. Flipper

  • OnTheWayOut

    A nice reminder that members are to spy on each other and report anything they see.

    " dismiss such talk SILENTLY "

    So if they read about pedophiles in the Catholic Church, they cheer. But read about it in the congregation and they say that the media is in Satan's control or that the people saying this are persecutors or enemies.

    I always heard that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. WTS throws that out and says you can.

    WTS is definitely going for more control of a smaller faithful group and are willing to start shaking out the wavering members.

  • wasblind

    Ok, here's a question

    If old brother geezer who happens to be an elder, is the one doin' the

    molesting, will he be allowed to "GREASE" you up with the rest of the older

    men in the congregation, cause i'm sure old brother geezer would like that.

    Just a question

  • Snoozy

    So isn't keeping quiet/silent the same as being a part of the sin?

  • flipper

    OTWO- Good point. Yeah, that came to my mind as well when thinking how JW's are instructed to " remain silent" concerning possible sins in their congregations but they blow a BIG horn on all the Catholic child abuses going on. But sweep theirs under the rug - carefully. AND - They try eliminating ANYBODY from their midst who blows a whistle on child abusers. I've seen THAT happen too. WTS is definitely clamping down.

    WASBLIND- I'm quite sure there are plenty of " in the closet " pedophile elders waiting to perform their sinful criminal tendencies, yes. Sick.

    SNOOZY- Well, one would think that keeping silent is being " part of the sin " wouldn't you ? So you see the contradiction like I do too ! On the one hand they tell members to rat each other out- yet on the OTHER hand they don't want people to KNOW about the dirty laundry going on. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me

  • wasblind

    " On the one hand they tell members to rat each other out- yet on the OTHER hand they don't want people to KNOW about the dirty laundry going on. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me. Peace out, Mr. Flipper "

    name at least one magazine printed that has not come back to BITE them in the ASS.

  • flipper

    WASBLIND- Yes, indeed, very true. From Russell to Rutherford's " Millions Now Living Will Never Die " to Fred Franz and Knorr's 1975 debacle - I'd say they've been bit by the failure bug pretty much for 130 years now ! LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this thread up if any had not had a chance to see the latest drivel from the WT society. All comments welcome

  • meangirl

    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately when I was in I did "rat out" two of my friends and now if I could go back I would handle things differently of course. I really felt at the time I was doing the right thing and making Jehovah happy...... The more my mind has been opened and I am actually thinking for myself the more I see their double standards.......if another religion has done something wrong they can write about it in their magazines to show how they are the right religion but yet JW's do the same bad things we are to ignore and realize that "enemies of God" are spreading rumurs and assume it is now

  • flipper

    MEANGIRL- Thanks for the good post. Don't berate yourself too much for turning friends in as a witness. You were mind controlled and trained to think that way- like all of us ! You know- be faithful to Jehova, er the WT organization and all that. Good point ou make that the WT society is so willing to point fingers in a negative way at other churches- yet they call ANYBODY outside their organization " God's enemies " if they say anything negative towards Jehovah's Witnesses ! Amazing, isn' t it ? By doing this- they control what their own members are llowed to believe and hear. JW's are TOLD what to believe. No allowance for using their own minds at all.

    I'm so happy for you that you use your critical thinking ability and that your mind has been opend to think for yourself ! good for you ! Keep it up. That bility to think for yourself will protect you and save you in the future

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