August 15th WT - Mind Control about "Loving Kindness " & Use of Tongue

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  • CuriousButterfly
    So if they read about pedophiles in the Catholic Church, they cheer. But read about it in the congregation and they say that the media is in Satan's control or that the people saying this are persecutors or enemies. I always heard that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. WTS throws that out and says you can.

    Exactly. They use the media and non-JW sources when it fits their needs. Either eat your cake using other references/publications or do NOT and twist it when they want.

  • flipper

    PAULAPOLLOS- Yeah, I agree with CANTLEAVE, I think it is just a general warning to rank and file witnesses to avoid ANY source of negative information - whether it be by internet, apostates, news media, anything. They keep banging this thought pretty regularly I notice the last couple years to JW's.

    SNOWBIRD- Thanks sis. Indeed the WT society IS getting more paranoid trying to exert the control on it's members because they know inroads are being made here on the internet educating their members. Gotta love it !

    CANTLEAVE- Good points. If the WT society keeps making " blanket statements " as you mentioned to avoid ANYTHING or ANYONE negatively talking about the WT society or their beliefs - they can extend that into influencing members to not listen to us inactive former JW 's to get information which would in reality HELP them - but JW's will connect the negative dots in their minds thus closing their minds to us. Pretty ingenious really on the part of the leaders of the WT society. Bastards

  • flipper

    CURIOUS BUTTERFLY- Yes, indeed- the WT society ALWAYS manipulates information to make themselves look innocent and smelling like a rose - in spite of negative things happening like child abuse scandals , children dying from not taking blood transfusions, etc. WT society ALWAYS has to be right- all other religions wrong

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