The "5 Pillars" of Witness life...

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh, there is one brother that keeps prattling on about "the 5 pillars of faith and worship"

    - prayer

    - personal study

    -meeting attendance and participation

    -field service

    - and something else equally forgettable.....

    Has anyone else heard this tired old stuff?

    I hope indeed that more people DO INDEED do sincere PERSONAL RESEARCH (note: NOT biased witness publication study) but genuine research.....

    Yes, perhaps then more eyes will open to TTATT??!!??

  • millie210

    No I havent heard that.

    I always heard the one about a table needing all four legs with the four legs each representing what you mentioned above.

    So its five now and they're pillars eh?

    What fantastic new light!

  • Divergent

    5 - Wait on Jehovah

    LOL ;)

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    I've heard this blather many times... The fifth pillar is "association" -- with fine, spiritually upbuilding members of the congregation...
  • Divergent
    Err... no showing love to one another? Helping those in need??
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I have heard it all my life, They used to liken the five meetings to our five fingers. The example I always heard was being at the meetings was like hanging on a cliff by one hand and waiting for help to come, our help was Jehovah of course. So if we were hanging on a cliff what finger would we stop using? None of course because having a strong grip was life saving. Thus the same with the five meetings. If we missed just one of them we would loose our grip on the "truth" and we could loose our life.

    In your example I think it was prayer, personal study, meeting attendance, field service and spiritual association. The spiritual association always got me because I was never included in anything. In fact when we pioneered with ten other pioneers in the hall we were never once invited to do anything outside of service with any of them. I would have them to my home but NEVER would they allow my husband who was an elder by the way into their homes. This one pioneer who soon because a prominent elder told me we were just professionals just doing our job? What?

    Anywho I always felt with the example I had only four fingers because even when I did associate with them it was never up building. Out it service it was just a big gossip fest with all the pioneers back stabbing everyone in the hall. I often wondered why they spent so much time trying to get new ones into the religion when when as soon as they got baptized they seem to turn on them and hate them. What was the point of any of it.


  • OnTheWayOut

    - prayer

    Must be in harmony with Jehovah's Will. The literature and videos from jw . org will tell you what that is.

    - personal study

    .....which of course means primarily to be reading Watchtower literature.

    -meeting attendance and participation

    Participation means commenting in harmony with whatever the literature says. It does not mean questioning and it definitely does not mean commenting off the top of your head.

    -field service

    They don't care how productive your "service" is, how many Tim Horton's/Starbucks/McDonald's breaks you take or if you just have a good conversation standing next to a cart. But you still gotta turn in a minimum amount of time to show that you are dedicating your life to the organization.

    - and something else equally forgettable.....

    Maybe that was to believe any nonsense the Governing Body says or to live as if the end is "soon."

    Edited to add:

    They used to liken the five meetings to our five fingers.

    I now only have one finger for Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • millie210

    Isnt it interesting that only one of the five (prayer) is free from Org control?

    I guess they are hesitant to cut Jehovah out completely.

  • antes8080

    Yes the famous five finger meething ilustration lits.

    if you miss one they could announce armageddon instrucions or some bull like that..

  • Heaven

    It's rather suspect and creepy the use of this term as it is associated with Islam.

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