The "5 Pillars" of Witness life...

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  • Magnum

    Yes, I heard it beginning almost 40 years ago.

    These are the 5 in the version I heard:



    attend meetings


    live a clean, moral life

  • snare&racket

    Wow the JW's are such a confused hodge-podge of mystic, supernatural ideas.

    The five an Islamic reference. It is not found in the bible, though it is in the Quaran and hadiths.

  • stuckinarut2

    I love the idea that the same basic illustration has been altered and changed in different parts of the world while being used over the years!

    It kinda fits the organizations very essence!

  • LisaRose
    Ahh, the five most important thing to do as a JW, the solution to all problems, the cure for all ills, Watchtower snake oil. Depressed?Pray more. Sick? More field service will fix that. And if that doesn't work you lack faith and didn't try hard enough.
  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Isn't the 5th one family worship?
  • Phaedra

    I was raised with the same "five fingers" as life is to short described.

    I was so fond of my study mentor when I was a teen. She and her husband took me under their wing in the mid-80s and I hung on her every word. I could have sworn there was another way the "5 things" were described to make it easy to remember. That red Live Forever book seemed like the end all.

    Here we are 30 years later.



  • sparrowdown

    As has already been said, that term might be new, but the list isn't.

    I used to refer to it as "the formula" ( spoken in a Peter Lorre voice)

  • BU2B
    Hmmm its funny. When I was mentally in, I never did much "personal study". The minute I really started to dig in and research WT literature and the Bible I started to have doubts, which lead to even more research into "our spiritual heritage". I noticed contradictions, hypocrisy, changed teachings, and failed predictions. It is this personal study that lead me to "apostasy". When people say that I need to study more to "build my faith" I respond that I have never done more studying and bible reading than I am now! Their faces look like deer in the headlights.. You can almost see the smoke coming out of their ears.
  • sparrowdown
    Me too BU2B. The most study I have ever done was while I was waking up.
  • Fernando

    "The 5 pillars of faith"?

    The irony of it all.

    The Watchtower has no idea what "faith" is, yet somehow manages to steal it from their followers.

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