Did you ever go through a period of obsession with all things WT related upon your awakening?

by miseryloveselders 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • miseryloveselders

    Yep....for me it lasted about a year, and even now its taking a bit of time to let it all go...Are you still an elder Misery?

    Yeah unfortunately. Looks like its gonna be the way for a little while too. Fortunately we have enough Ministerial Servants and Elders that the work load is light enough where I don't feel as if I'm choking. You know initially I thought that was a blessing too?!?!? But since I've developed this obsession with proving beyond a doubtWT doctrine is wrong, sitting in the meetings is misery, pure misery!!! To hear the most senseless comments and repetative misapplication of scripture and man worship of the Slave, ahhh man it can drive you nuts!! I wish I could simply stop thinking about this stuff, but its impossible. All day long my thoughts are on WT doctrine and WT bull crap. It's like I'm going through puberty. Remember how when you were younger, you thought about girls all day? It's the same only is doctrinal and organizational matters. Spiritual OCD.

  • undercover
    I will probably never make a clean break with it all, because I feel a need to monitor their activities.

    As long as you have a spouse who accepts the premise of the JW religion as the only true one, this is probably pretty normal. You need to know what the WTS is indoctrinating them with so you can be prepared or have a counteraction planned.

    I think that "born-ins" who really accepted it and believed it well into their adulthood probably have a harder time letting it all go as opposed to someone who came in later in life and then figured out they had made a bad decision.

  • miseryloveselders

    SD-7, love the way you put that, as obsession and horror. This weak is gonna be rough on young males, and for that matter any male in the Hall who isn't doing enough brown nosing.



    I have good news for you..

    Your Normal..

    You`ve been Lied To for years,by the WBT$..

    Now you need to know exactly what the truth is..

    Thats going to take some time..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW


    Going through it now.

  • snowbird
    someone who came in later in life and then figured out they had made a bad decision.

    Yours truly.

    I grew tired of all the antitypical fulfillments and wanted only Jesus of Nazareth.


  • dgp

    I might only add that you go through something similar when you're a worldly and you know what goes on in the WT.

  • Finally-Free

    It took me one afternoon of study to convince myself that I had been duped by the cult, but I spent the next 2 years obsessing about it day and night, devouring every tidbit of information about the cult. I thought about nothing else. The stress eventually got to me, and I was hospitalized with a mild heart attack. (after 3 days I had enough of that shit, disconnected the medical paraphanelia, and left the hospital with nurses pleadings ringing in my ears...)

    That's when I decided the watchtower shit was not worth slowly killing myself over. I forced myself to take up new hobbies and interests, and get on with life.

    For the sake of your own health please try to limit the obsessing over watchtower shit. They really aren't worth it.


  • snowbird

    FinallyFree, you are one awesome, funny dude!


  • carla

    I could have had a doctorate by now with all the damn research I did on cults, jw's, psychological, etc... when my loved one joined up! instead I wasted my time thinking I could make a difference if I could just find that magic bullet. Sadly, there is none.

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